Your Say: Which present was your favorite?

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Dec 29

Christmas from the present's perspective by Kevin Dooley

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I hope you received some interesting and enjoyable presents over the holiday season. Which was your favorite?

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  1. quickandeasy on the 29th December

    All the art & design books I got :D

    In particular, “The best of brochure design 11″

    ..Jesus what’s happening to me!!

  2. lastrose on the 29th December

    An 8 week old abandoned kitten who somehow found his way to my doorstep on christmas day.

  3. rob on the 29th December

    The ability to load the tree with everything my children wanted in spite of some insane financial challenges we are dealing with…

  4. Rosalind Wills on the 29th December

    Design for Hackers, by David Kadavy; a really good read so far and inspiring to boot!

    Also a crockpot, because I’m a grad student and love anything that makes food easier and cheaper and isn’t Hot Pockets. :P

  5. deiby on the 29th December

    Master has given Dobby a sock!

  6. Ionut Ciursa on the 5th January

    A Dribbble invite. I have been looking for one for months. And also “Steve Jobs: The Exclusive Biography” by Walter Isaacson.

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