Your Say: Which part of the world would you love to visit?

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Apr 26

Kuala Lumpur Sunset by Hanis Mike Adnan

A bunch of us are in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia right now for the Envato KL2012 Meetup. We’re having a great time.

This is my first time out of Australia. While I didn’t enjoy every moment of the long flight, the time here has been awesome. Besides getting to know other team members better, Malaysia is an interesting and beautiful place to explore.

What about you? Would you like to visit another country? Which one?

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  1. Joe Casabona on the 26th April

    I would love to visit Australia actually (20 hour flight notwithstanding), but top of my list is Italy since both sides of my family come from there.

    • Manuel Ricci on the 26th April

      Italy? where? I’m from Italy

  2. Adam Corcoran on the 26th April

    I’ve always had a drive to get myself to Iceland one day. Moved from Melbourne to London this year, so at least I’m getting closer. Would love to see the northern lights there.

  3. dhiyafaris on the 26th April

    i would love to visit china,iceland and paris :)
    and nice meeting you guys @ envato meetup 2012!

  4. Aqif Azizan on the 26th April

    It is really a pleasure to meet you guys (Envato) at Kuala Lumpur last night. What an awesome night. What an awesome sharing.

    Really looking forward to meet you guys again in the future.

    Mr. Collis Ta’eed, thank you for sharing your secret sauces in building a successful blog. :D

    • Adrian Try on the 27th April

      Thanks Aqif. It was great to meet you too. Thanks for coming.

  5. Constantin Potorac on the 26th April

    I would love too see Australia off course and maybe move there ;)

  6. Kenaudio on the 26th April

    Pheeew….I travelled a bit so for…have been to the Caribbean, Balearics & Canary Islands (Spain), Madrid, Barcelona, Bordeaux, Paris, Firenze, Kopenhagen, Berlin, Turkey, Verona, Amsterdamm etc…..BUT:

    I’d like to visit soon:
    Mexico, Guatemala, Nicaragua, Honduras, Costa Rica, Guatemala, Colombia

    So…I have my work to be done to make that possible…It’s meant for a lifetime and not for the next two years only….Who travels with me?

    Hey….What about an Envato Forum where Envato members from around the world can find other people around the world to stay at on their trips?!?!?

    Good idea??

    KenAudio (Hamburg)

  7. Carlos Viloria on the 26th April

    nothing specific, but if I would like to make a trip across Europe

  8. Manuel Ricci on the 26th April

    In the first place of my wish-list there is the U.S. and then the Australia!

  9. Quickandeasy on the 26th April

    What Carlos is trying to say is:

    “Oh I’d sooo love to go spend time with Adam (aka Quickandeasy) as he is so totally awesome.”


    In October / November time of this year, my friend and I embark upon a trip around the East, starting in Bangkok, Thailand.

    However, in regards to the original question, I will not be happy until I have explored each corner of the globe, regardless of cost or travel/living conditions.

    So, which part of the world would I most like to visit? Well… All of it.

  10. dizaynkoloni on the 27th April

    Dubai – United Arab Emirates

  11. Elliott on the 27th April

    Aus for me too actually!

  12. MartinT on the 27th April

    First I would love to visit Australia, then Canada and as a icing on the cake ride Trans Siberian railway across Russia.

  13. lawrence77 on the 27th April

    China, after saw the latest karate kid, and then a tour in Europe ;)

    Anyone willing to sponsor? :p :P

  14. Soheil (Roodper) on the 27th April

    It was so nice to see you guys in KL . It was a awesome night. Truly an awesome sharing. Hope to see you guys again.
    And Thank you all :D

  15. Christoph on the 27th April

    Maui, Hawaii – but simply too long to travel to (especially with child[ren]), coming from northern Europe. Moreover: Bali, NZ, Seychelles.

  16. Reuben Chng on the 28th April

    Hey Adrian, was so great meeting you. Looking forward to see your little 6 piece band! haha

    • Adrian Try on the 28th April

      Thanks Reuben – it was great to meet you too. I’ll get the “band” practising as soon as I get home. :)

  17. hanis mike adnan on the 9th June

    hye thats my photo :)

    • Adrian Try on the 11th June

      It’s a gorgeous photo of an amazing place. Thanks!

  18. Alex on the 23rd August

    I’d love to visit Japan and France. And yeah, travelling around Europe would be the nice trip :)

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