Your Say: Which book are you reading?

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Sep 22

Reading by Jan H.

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Is there time in your life for reading books? Which book are you reading at the moment? Is it an ebook or paper book?

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  1. Steve Robillard on the 22nd September


  2. Matthew Guay on the 22nd September

    I just read the Kindle Short eBook “Lying” by Sam Harris last night, and found it to be a thought-provoking little work. Nothing groundbreaking, but putting it all together made for an interesting extended essay.

    I’ve also been reading Stephen Levy’s “In the Plex” which provides a fascinating look behind the closed doors at the Googleplex. It’s a surprisingly long book, though, so that’s why I still don’t have it finished!

    I do enjoy reading, but find that I learn a lot more from full books and long-form reading than I do from random short online articles. That’s why I’m trying to shift more of my personal reading time back to real books … except by default, they’re usually Kindle books on my computer or iPad!

  3. Travis King on the 22nd September

    I’ve pretty much completely switched to Kindle now. I’ve been reading everything from Photography How-to books to a current obsession with Japanese authors.

  4. LaToya on the 22nd September

    I’m reading The Night Circus on my Kindle. It’s pretty good so far. I don’t really have much time to read with other obligations going on but I do enjoy the time I get to read.

  5. Santosh Setty on the 22nd September

    Was reading APJ Abdul Kalam’s Wings Of Fire very motivate book.

  6. Stephen on the 22nd September

    Getting Good with JavaScript by Andrew Burgess – paper & ebook

  7. Abhisek on the 22nd September

    Three Men in a Boat by Jerome K Jerome. I know I have grown too old to read this. Just revisiting the childhood days. :-)

  8. Jacob on the 22nd September

    I don’t read much.

    • Keith on the 22nd September

      Mind blowing comment… ;)

  9. Joe Cochran on the 22nd September

    Currently reading “The Memoirs of Sherlock Holmes” by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. Using the Google Books app on my HTC Nexus One.

    I’ve been reading the entire series since it’s all free on Google Books!

    • Matthew Guay on the 22nd September

      Of all things, I originally read a .txt copy of that from Project Gutenberg on my old HTC Excabular WM 6 phone. Yes, I read whole books on that tiny screen. Makes me all the more grateful for the beautiful Kindle interface on my iPad :D

  10. Rob See on the 22nd September

    I’m reading Rescuing The Future, an engaging sci-fi novel by Vincent Miskell, on my iPhone using the Kindle reader. I just finished reading Memory by Lois McMaster Bujold in paperback.

    I find that I move through phases, one of which is a reading and exploration phase, during which time I’m reading daily (mostly sci-fi). Out of this phase, I’ll switch to technical reading, if I do any reading at all.

  11. suhail on the 22nd September

    surrently I am reading, ‘The richest Man in Babylon’ By George Clason

  12. Jami Gibbs on the 22nd September

    I use a Nook and am in the middle of “Ghost in the Wires: My Adventures as the World’s Most Wanted Hacker”

  13. marjo on the 22nd September

    William Shakespeare: Hamlet

  14. Steve on the 22nd September

    Outliers – Good ole paperback version by Malcolm Gladwell

  15. Nicolas Bousquet on the 22nd September

    I read the second tome from the Game of Thrones series, concurrently to “Actionscript developer’s guide to Robotlegs”.
    First as an ebook on my transformer, second as a dead tree format.

  16. quickandeasy on the 22nd September

    “It’s not how good you are, it’s how good you want to be”

  17. Mabuc on the 22nd September

    I hate reading books…

  18. Ellabanez on the 22nd September

    I am currently reading smashing e-books.

  19. Greg Burrus on the 22nd September

    I’m current reading the Wheel of time series. Just started the 10th book Crossroads of Twilight. Awesome series.

  20. Francisco d'Anconia on the 22nd September

    Atlas Shrugged.

  21. James on the 22nd September

    Porn of code, all geeks read it!

  22. Sean on the 22nd September

    Currently reading

    fiction: “Changes” by Jim Butcher
    non-fiction: jQuery from Novice to Ninja

  23. Vonnie Maddox on the 22nd September

    Currently reading Game of Thrones in the Song of Ice and Fire series by George R. R. Martin. Love it!

    • Adrian Try on the 25th September

      I’m reading Game of Thrones on my iPad/iPhone and I’m loving it too. I also just finished watching the first season of the TV show, which is also brilliant, and quite faithful to the book.

  24. Vladislav Melnik on the 22nd September

    Paper book – Losing my virginity by Richard Branson. Great one!

  25. quickandeasy on the 22nd September

    @Vladislav, that’s an awesome book!

  26. Carmen on the 22nd September

    I am behind the times and don’t own a kindle…..
    I’m a nostalgic book readers. I like the feeling of sitting down with a nice book, flipping the pages and smelling the book smell. The last book I read was Einstein’s Dreams, one of my favourites.

  27. Chris on the 23rd September

    ‘Northanger Abbey’ (Austen) on my Kindle, having just finished PG Wodehouse’s ‘Damsel in Distress’.

    On paper I’m reading (or re-reading) the autobiography of my one-time neighbour, Barry Took.

  28. Dan on the 24th September

    Death in Dublin – in hardcover!

  29. underlabs development workshop on the 26th September

    The Art of War after reading it 6 years ago. Playbook (Kobo books)

  30. ansimuz on the 26th September

    “Women” By Charles Bukowski

    • Jami Gibbs on the 27th September

      Bukowski is one of my favs!

  31. Kristian Primdal on the 27th September

    Outliers on my Kindle. Been reading so much after I bought the kindle

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