Your Say: Where in the world are you?

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Oct 25

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Envato is a big place, reaching to virtually every continent in the world. Well, I’m not sure about Antarctica. Which country do you live in?

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  1. Simon on the 25th October

    1) I get my best ideas surfing around the net and browsing creative sites like dribbble, creattica, etc..

    Also I get a lots of inspiration when surfing or snowboarding, when my mind is free!

    2) My desktop has between 300 and 2 icons. The 2 icon setup is usually “My HD” and a “Sort Me Out ASAP” folder :-) ^^

    3) Sublime Text 2, i guess like everyone following Jeffrey Way’s tuts! I was using Coda before that.

    4) Mostly from the Doc, sometimes with right-click on a file.

    5) haha! Jut woke up and am wearing pyjama shorts, no top and a warm coffee mug :-)

    • Simon on the 26th October

      Funnily enough i have managed to reply the 5 “related posts” questions, but yet not to the main question haha!

      I am from Switzerland, and moving between here and Australia (my wife’s country of origin). Good life!

  2. Semen on the 25th October

    Russia, Moscow :)

  3. Beto on the 25th October

    Mexico :D

  4. Alexander Dimitrov on the 25th October


  5. Samalah on the 25th October

    New Zealand! :)

  6. Matt Adams on the 25th October

    United States, more specifically, Texas.

  7. Alexey Topolyanskiy (x-intent) on the 25th October

    L’viv, Ukraine

  8. Lutz Aulich on the 25th October

    Germany :)

  9. Muad Shibani on the 25th October


  10. Wouter on the 25th October

    South Africa \:D/

  11. WS-Theme on the 25th October

    South of Germany :-)

  12. Curiosity on the 25th October


  13. Alex on the 25th October

    Republic of Moldova!

  14. urbazon on the 25th October

    Serbia :)

  15. Ricky on the 25th October

    Kyushu, Southern Island in Japan

  16. CreartDesign on the 25th October

    Budapest – Hungary :)

  17. Steve on the 25th October


  18. TanyDi on the 25th October

    Bulgaria :-)

  19. Hameed Rahamathullah on the 25th October

    Chennai, India.

  20. Kevin Jannis on the 25th October


  21. Dmitry O. on the 25th October

    Argentina :)

  22. Getulio Francisco de Melo on the 25th October

    Sao Paulo, Brazil

  23. Banhawi on the 25th October

    Cairo, Egypt

  24. uniquefx on the 25th October

    Vantaa // Finland

  25. Santosh Setty on the 25th October

    Hyderabad, India

  26. Marc Aertgeerts on the 25th October


  27. Ivo on the 25th October

    Republic of Macedonia

  28. renderTom on the 25th October

    Kaunas, Lithuania.

  29. Alfredo on the 25th October

    Rome – Italy

  30. iamslicer on the 25th October

    Edmonton, Canada

  31. Matthew Butler on the 25th October

    Chicago, USA

  32. Batfan on the 25th October

    Phoenix, USA

  33. Eric James on the 26th October

    Danville, Kentucky, USA

  34. Brenda Malone on the 26th October

    Cleveland, Ohio

    HELLO TO THE REST OF THE WORLD!! The internet is a WONDERFUL thing!

  35. Jamie on the 26th October

    Portland Oregon, USA

  36. Kailan on the 26th October

    St. Kitts, Caribbean

  37. Anton on the 26th October

    I’m in Korolev, Russia (near to Moscow) :)

  38. Lawrence77 on the 26th October

    India, more specifically Chennai and Tirunelveli :)

  39. Bombelman on the 26th October

    Paramaribo, Suriname !!
    Greetings !

  40. Saqib on the 26th October

    Faisalabad, Pakistan

  41. Kate on the 26th October

    Kyiv, Ukraine!

  42. Magnus on the 26th October

    Oslo, Norway

  43. Rafael Oliveira on the 26th October

    Itepeva-São Paulo, Brazil!

  44. RootShell on the 26th October

    Lisbon / Portugal

  45. José Borges on the 26th October

    Albufeira / Portugal

  46. Kayess on the 27th October

    Canberra, Australia

  47. WalkingPixels on the 27th October

    Slovakia, Europe

  48. Finland Blogger on the 27th October

    Helsinki Finland

  49. Gil Lopez on the 28th October

    Hi there,

    I’m living in the Haarlem, The Netherlands!

  50. Eamejia on the 28th October

    Honduras, Central America

  51. Ghost1227 on the 29th October

    Bennington, Nebraska

  52. ataa on the 30th October

    Kuwait :))))))

  53. Skinnerul on the 31st October

    Austria – St. Pölten.

  54. Shoki on the 31st October

    Chiba, Japan!

  55. Mahisa Medari on the 24th November

    Indonesia here!

  56. Vectorica on the 25th December

    I´m from Argentina, Tucumán

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