Your Say: Is breakfast an important part of your day?

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Jun 30

Breakfast At Work by LonelyBob

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“Breakfast is the most important meal of the day?” How important is it to you? What do you eat? How does a good breakfast (or lack thereof) affect the quality of your work? Do you have breakfast before or after you start work? Let us know!

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  1. WPHead on the 30th June

    Can’t eat in the morning, get sick. So, nope and I don’t feel like I have less energy because I don’t eat breakfast.

  2. Idil on the 30th June

    I don’t eat breakfast in the morning because I have no time! I do however drink a cup of tea, it’s a must otherwise I don’t function well.

    I should probably MAKE time to eat something even a fruit or something because then I wouldn’t go crazy at lunch time and binge! I know it sounds bad but my whole eating habits are really bad, I’m working on it lol

  3. lrrm on the 30th June

    yes it is. without I’m getting hungry until 10. hunger and concentration doen’t work good together.

  4. Jordan McNamara on the 30th June

    Sometimes yes, sometimes no. At the Envato office we always have lunch at midday though, so I’m never really hungry enough for breakfast!

  5. Kinetic on the 30th June

    Breakfast? I’ve heard of it…

  6. Federica Sibella on the 30th June

    Fundamental! I always have breakfast and I would feel sick if I don’t. It gives me energy for the first part of the day and helps my concentration.

  7. Selva on the 30th June

    hehe.. i think i’m the one who doesn’t eat breakfast. but thank you guys for the company. Now it boosts to continue my eating habits what i have now.

  8. Werner Bihl on the 30th June

    I have a pack of Cheerios cereal on my desk, so around 11:00 i make myself a nice bowl and that gets me sorted till dinner. The hunger cravings are taken care off with nicotine and caffeine

  9. Matt Willmott on the 30th June

    I always have breakfast. Most days it’s a bowl of cereal and now and again I’ll have toast, but it’s very rare I don’t have breakfast. That only started a couple of years ago though, before that I waited until lunch. I suffer from a stomach illness though so breakfast helps kick-start my system.

  10. Wouter on the 30th June

    I have stopped doing breakfast when I started at University with the get up and go lifestyle. I know I have more energy when I eat breakfast, but I guess I am just to lazy in the mornings now.

  11. Ricky on the 30th June

    I eat about 6 to 8 meals a day. Breakfast being the most important. It normally begins with coffee and a bowl of proats (Casein Protein and Oats).

  12. Brad on the 15th December

    Can’t function without breakfast. Preferably, light like and egg mcmuffin or oatmeal.

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