Your Say: How many emails are in your inbox?

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Apr 4

23/365 Inbox Zero by Kathryn Greenhill

Are you overwhelmed by email? Are you drowning in it, or managing it? How many emails are in your inbox right now?

Too much email – and information overload in general – is a real problem for many of us. I admit that I struggle to keep up with my email – especially the less urgent ones. The important ones I do OK with.

How are you going? Do you practice inbox zero? Or do you use your inbox as a holding place for everything you need to do? Is your system working for you? Have you made any changes that have made a difference? Let us know in the comments.

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  1. Steve on the 4th April

    Wonder if i hold the record, over 42,000

    Can screenpic to prove. How bad am I ?

    • Martin on the 6th April

      Man that’s a lot! I don’t think that ammount is going to be toppeled soon :-).

  2. chad on the 4th April

    I just switched to what I assume is Zero Inbox.

    I now delete any email that is junk, archive things that I might want to search again later, and leave things in the inbox that are an action item or to do. This way, things don’t get lost in pages of emails and end up forgetting to do something.

    Unfortunately to do this, I had to start a new Gmail account to make sure I could start fresh :)

    • Joost on the 5th April

      Couldn’t you just move all existing mail to an ‘Archive’ folder? :P Seems less destructive.

  3. Ursan Razvan on the 4th April

    I finally managed to read them all, phew! And the final & total count is….. 10,403 emails, without spam (but hey, I created the account like 10 years ago and I even still got my first messages from that time.. ahh, how simple my life was back then)

  4. ZoomIt on the 5th April



    • ZoomIt on the 5th April

      and yes, sometimes I am overwhelmed :(

    • Adrian Try on the 5th April

      Wow! That will be hard to beat.

    • Adrian Try on the 5th April

      Sorry, I didn’t notice Steve already beat you!

  5. Quickandeasy on the 5th April

    Whenever I turn on my website specific inboxes I am flooded with comments and sign up notifications >.<

  6. Jarel on the 5th April

    Visible in my inbox; usually less than 60-80 on any given day.

    Fortunately I’ve tackled it before the end of this week and managed to get it down to about 25! :)

    Total archived mail for my primary inbox that’s just over a year old: ~8K

  7. TJ on the 5th April

    474 HERE :)

  8. Joost on the 5th April

    6297 at 1250MB in my Gmail inbox – nothing to be worried about :)

  9. Martin on the 6th April

    I have several e-mail accounts and if I add them all up I come to 10936. I need to clean up some of them that is obvious:-).

  10. Frank on the 7th April

    I have about 15,869 in my inbox without spam at the moment and about 2,470 unread. I seriously need to look into zero inbox :)

  11. Alex on the 8th April

    3304 :)

  12. karan on the 9th April

    Total : 52941

    Inbox + 40 Other Folders in Outlook Express with total of 12 email ids setup of over 8 websites.

    And this does not include my yahoo + gmail account :P

    • Martin on the 9th April

      You have beaten Steve. Wow, I didn’t think that would be possible with his over 42.000 :-).

    • karan on the 10th April

      My Yahoo Email Id has Total : 32570 emails

      wow……now let’s see to how much emails i can reduce it to and the time to delete all unwanted mails.

  13. Deny Saputra on the 9th April

    259 in inbox until 10 april 2012

    I just throw most of spam email :P

  14. Syafiq Zainal on the 10th April

    Just 77 (:

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