Your Say: How many emails are in your inbox right now?

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Dec 21

Inbox Zero by Dean Shareski

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Do you practice inbox zero? How are you going? How many emails are in your inbox right now. Be honest!

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  1. Bradley Wolak on the 21st December

    7308 emails in my inbox right now.


  2. Luis Ma on the 21st December

    Very well i have 0 mails in my inbox ^^

  3. dtbaker on the 21st December

    My work account has 37 email going back to late November. I like to keep this one as close to 0 as possible, archiving every email I’ve actioned.

    My envato ticket support queue has 35 unresolved emails from the past 9 days.

    My personal gmail account hasn’t seen the archive button in a long time, its inbox is full of crap.

  4. Nate on the 21st December

    I have about 3 emails in my regular inbox, but I use Gmail and sort things into labels. I also have multiple inboxes enabled. :)

  5. Ryan on the 21st December

    55 – all actionable.

  6. Jarel on the 21st December

    32 “important and unread” email threads in my work Gmail, but that’s down from 167 over the last four days so I’m happy with 32 at the moment. :-)

  7. Alex on the 21st December

    2401 so far. :)

  8. Piotr on the 21st December

    Unread: 0.
    All: 989.

    but thats my main mail and I have 3 more :)

  9. Jared Erondu on the 21st December

    Three email accounts:

    1) 30
    2) 5
    3) 55

  10. Ryan Terry on the 21st December

    Unread: 0
    Inbox: 12

  11. CodingJack on the 22nd December

    I don’t want to look :P

  12. Michael Schinis on the 22nd December

    Constantly zero, I love keeping my inbox clean, so I reply to all of my customers from CodeCanyon, and read/unsubscribe from anything else.

  13. Connor Turnbull on the 22nd December

    In the days of me using Gmail, I used to constantly archive. Right now, in my iCloud inbox, i’ve got 133 and in need of a cleanup (although quite a significant slice are Amazon order/dispatch notifications for Christmas deliveries!).

  14. Pieter on the 22nd December

    12.300 exact, off which 6.523 unread! Space enough @Gmail..

  15. rob on the 22nd December

    While it fluctuates depending on how slammed I am, when I’m on top of my game I keep it to 30…

    Actually wrote a cool post around it if your interested:

    As for right this second… I’m rocking 28!

  16. BRENDA on the 22nd December

    In GMAIL I have 151,746, of which 108,890 are unread. I have had my gmail since 2005. In the beginning, Google said NEVER THROW AWAY ANY MAIL, JUST SAVE AND SEARCH.

    So, I took them to heart. The spam filter works great in Gmail, so very very little of the above is spam. I have had to upgrade for paid storage, because Google cancelled its promise that you would never run out of space! LOL.

  17. WPHead on the 22nd December

    I have around 15 emails or so, but in my main gmail account I have 43615 emails in total, and 2695 unread emails.

    • WPHead on the 22nd December

      15 email accounts*

  18. Grant on the 22nd December

    34 atm – Only important ones though :)

  19. Meher on the 22nd December


    I have an account associated with Gmail. In that I have 3500 Emails..

    I also have an account with Yahoo. In that I have approx. 7000
    Email. Out of which 6500 is unread….. :-)

  20. Anil on the 22nd December

    I have 4137 unread emails :)

  21. Imran on the 22nd December

    I have three email accounts attached to my one primary gmail address, I have 0 unread and 4510 in total and a lot more emails in labels.

  22. Jermaine on the 22nd December

    I have about 50, I usually clean it out on Sundays, my boss has 3500 unread email alone, and over10000+ which i has not deleted he’s a bit disorganised sometime

  23. Ricky on the 22nd December


  24. Yusud on the 22nd December

    I have 1362 emails…

  25. barat on the 22nd December

    5448 on gmail … everything Read since 2006 ;)

  26. Travis on the 22nd December

    I like to keep things pretty clean. Usually around 10-15 emails on average.

  27. Justin Hubbard on the 23rd December

    Sometimes I have 200 emails, but that because I do practice email zero. It all gets emptied out before I’m done :)

  28. Jilson Thomas on the 23rd December

    In total from only one account: 21035
    Unread: 149 (will try to keep the same number :P )

    Gmail: 295450 in total
    Unread: 5061


    Lot many other accounts :P

    • Alex Crow on the 1st April

      295450?? Omg, could you send screenshot pls, its crazy))

  29. Reparar ordenadores on the 25th December

    In the days of me using Gmail, I used to constantly archive.

  30. Reparar ordenadores on the 25th December

    My Gmail account have 7000 emails. xD

  31. Ibby on the 27th December

    Unread: 35

  32. Leigh on the 28th December

    Unread home: zero.
    Unread work: zero

    Read, but unfiled… many. I trust GMail’s search for that to not be an issue.

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