Your Say: Do you prefer dogs or cats?

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Oct 27

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It’s time to get controversial, and ask you to answer an important, age-old question. Do you prefer dogs or cats? Why?

If you love pets, look out for a post (or series of posts) coming next week about the pets of Team Envato. It should be interesting! ;)

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  1. Debby on the 27th October

    i prefer cats absolutely!!! they are so intriguer and complex, and the same time so lovely and full of tenderness.

    i have a little cat called “renato”, he’s a mix of a lot of cats XD. he always stay whit me when i work, behind the laptop, sometimes he play over the keyboard!!…. well i like dogs to! but the cat its the best friend of a woman (and designer when we need a second opinion lol)

  2. Jami Gibbs on the 27th October

    I love both but currently only have a dog:

  3. James Larkin on the 27th October

    I used only be a fan of dogs but then we ended up getting a cat and working from the home office he’s currently correcting me on my work :)

    What started as a silly photoshop movie poster Catatar ..

    … turned into …

  4. J on the 27th October

    I neither had dogs nor cats but I suppose they taste worse than chicken

  5. quickandeasy on the 27th October

    Dogs all the way!

  6. meks on the 27th October

    I prefer dogs. They are real friend to a man…cats be evil sometimes … :D

  7. Patrik Larsson on the 27th October

    Cats, no doubt about it! Me and my girl have three of them ;)

  8. Graham on the 27th October

    I am totally a dog person.

  9. RedEffect on the 27th October

    Oh, dogs. Sure, I like dags. I like caravans more :-)

  10. stay on the 27th October

    I love cats and dogs. I have a cat.

  11. Constantin Potorac on the 27th October

    Dogs… it’s got to be dogs with me. They are so loyal and best friends.

    Unfortunately my dog past away a while back bur if I were to get another pet it will definitely be a dog. ;)

  12. artnook on the 27th October

    Definitely a dog. ;)

  13. Laura on the 27th October

    Dogs for sure. I love my kitties but my pound pup holds a special place in heart.

  14. rcarmstrong on the 27th October

    Dogs. Especially the big, fluffy and occasionally slobbery kind (no yappy little Yorkies for me). :-)

  15. Laura on the 27th October


    There is nothing that beats coming home (even after only thirty minutes sometimes) to the raw joy of your dog greeting you.

  16. Alex on the 27th October

    I prefer girls :D (no offence, just a joke) I Like both ;)

  17. Stephen Stick Hazen on the 27th October

    Cats, because mine often act like a cat and a dog. Best of both worlds with my cats! :)

  18. Scott Wills on the 28th October


  19. Tina on the 30th October

    Dogs treat you like family, cats treat you like domestic servants :-)

  20. Generator on the 3rd November

    No contest. Dogs!!!

  21. Katie on the 25th November

    Dogs, obviously! Way more loyal, a man’s best friend, and their all so unique and different and I love them. I have 3 dogs, I love them to bits. I still like cats though, I’m just not obsessed with them.

  22. haroli on the 18th January

    both are brilliant because they are living things. any thing living has a place in my heart. I love animals from bees to elephants but out of these mine would be DOGS.
    that is purely because of how loyal they are.
    I have had 2 dogs a black lab and now a jack tzu.
    I also am going to open a rescue soon.
    So finally, dogs because of how much they appreciate you,
    just the thought of walking down the stairs in morning to see
    a beatiful dog. thanks.

  23. csseye on the 29th March

    not both actually..but if I’ve to pick one then ‘cats’

  24. Lox on the 4th October

    Dogs definitely. I own 2 great danes and they really are gentle gigants

  25. Lewis Broadhurst on the 5th December

    Cats are the best because they are smarter, they can climb and dont eat all the time! they give you more cuddles and is less work than a dog that eats all the time! cats are the best!

  26. Milly on the 27th February

    I LOVE dogs! I have two dogs and 1 cat. And my dogs are nicer then my cat.
    If i have to pick, DOGS!

  27. Fernando on the 22nd March

    Cats are the perrrrfect pets. They do not require a lot of attention, they are clean,smart and take care of themselves. I also have a Dog and I cannot leave him alone or he will distroy my house so I have to leave him in a Doggie Hotel If I am gone for a few days. I leave fresh water, enough food and a clean litter box and my Cat does just fine!

  28. James Frederick on the 18th April

    If i have to choose i’ll choose dogs cause they’re so much loving and attention seekers and love you more then they love themselves while cats prefer to stay alone.i have t a dog couple and i love them so so so much! <3

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