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I Type 2000 Words A Minute... Uh Yeah by Bill Shaner

Interested in contributing a post to the Envato Notes blog? Well it is a community blog!

While we can’t compensate you financially for your contribution, you will get some recognition and exposure, help out the community, get a nice warm and fuzzy feeling, and make Envato Notes a nicer place to visit. Thanks!

Still interested? Read on.

Author Interviews

We love getting to know our marketplace authors better. And so do buyers and other authors! It’s fun, and can be educational. It’s also a great way to raise awareness of your items in the Envato community.

To submit a Marketplace Author Interview, use this form. You can type your answers to the questions straight into the form, and you’ll be asked to attach some zipped photos.

Industry News

We’d love Envato Notes to be a place that helps you keep up-to-date with the latest industry news, but we need your help. Whenever you come across some relevant or significant industry news, we’d love for you to put together a short post for us.

Posts don’t need to be long, but should contain:

  • A clear but brief description of the news. We want you to get to the point.
  • A link to the press release or other trusted source where the reader can find out more. We want real news, not rumors.
  • A few comments about why you’re excited about the news, or how it affects the Envato community. How is the news relevant to us?

Most of all, the news needs to be timely. No one wants to re-read what happened last week or last month.

We cannot guarantee to publish every submission. We’ll normally publish news items quite quickly.

Use this form to submit industry news posts.

Featured Workspace or Desktop

We regularly post workspace photos and desktop screenshots. Some of us don’t get out much, so it’s fun to see how others work.

To submit Featured Workspace or Featured Desktop photos (with a brief description), use this form, or tag them on Flickr with #envatonotesworkspaces or #envatonotesdesktops.

General Posts

Here is the sort of material we are after:

  • Something that inspires you, for example websites with some great artwork
  • How to become more successful selling on the marketplaces
  • Conference reports

We’re also open to accepting other types of articles. Of course we can’t guarantee to publish everything you send us. But this is a community blog, and we’ll do our best. If you like, pitch your idea to us first to make sure it’s something we’re likely to publish.

To submit a general post, use this form. And make sure you read the next section, “Some Notes About Formatting.”

If we decide to use your post, you’ll normally hear from us within a week.

Some Notes About Formatting

Here are four things to keep in mind about how to format your post:

  1. Keep it simple, Stanley!
  2. Check your post before you submit it. Read it through carefully checking for spelling and grammar mistakes.
  3. Use plain text or HTML. You’ll find a list of allowable HTML tags on the form.
  4. If you’d like to include images, you’ll need to host them somewhere yourself. Make sure it is somewhere we can access. Some suggestions are Flickr, Imgur, or a public Dropbox folder, but just about anywhere is OK. We’ll copy the images to our blog before we publish. You can insert them into your post using <img> tags, or just write a clear note explaining where they can be found.
  5. You verify that any external content included with your submission is owned by you, or properly licensed. Previews of marketplace items may be used as long as they are watermarked, and credit is given to the original author.

As always, your work may be edited and tweaked before publication, but the substance of your post will remain the same.

Submission Forms

To make your submission, head over to one of the following forms: