VideoHive: Meet the Team

Big movie buffs, tuning cars, breaking bones, and starting out with MS Paint. Meet the VideoHive team.

Mark Brodhuber

Growth Team

Marketplace Profile: MarkBrodhuber
Location: New York

When Mark isn’t clubbing baby seals, you can find him managing VideoHive and ThemeForest. He started with Envato as a reviewer, moved on to forum moderating, and then finally settling into the role of site manager. He’s a nerd at heart and loves playing video games. Although his fiance constantly ridicules him for doing so. He’s a big movie buff, and watches 4 – 5 films each week. He’s quit smoking 6 times, with his most successful attempt being nearly 26 hours. His terrible dust allergy leaves him with what looks like perpetual black eyes.

Brian Foote

VideoHive Lead Reviewer

Marketplace Profile: Baf2681
Location: New Jersey

Brian, the lead reviewer of VideoHive, needs little introduction. To date he’s reviewed 4,000 submissions, quite the impressive feat. By day, he hones his craft working on projects for Food Network, HGTV, RCA, Motorola, Sirius Radio, and Trump Entertainment. But when night falls, he suits up, and scours the VideoHive queue searching out files that don’t meet our strict quality standards. Unfortunately for his wife, he loves spending his time tuning his car. He also enjoys sports including Baseball, Basketball, and Football (the American kind). He’s been skating since he was 12, and has managed to break pretty much every bone in his body. I guess 16 years of falling down prevents him from doing it as often as he used to. But he still manages to roll around from time to time. He’s recently auditioned to be a cast member, but even if he doesn’t get the part, you’ll still be able to find him fist pumping up and down the Jersey Shore every summer!

Filips Baumanis

VideoHive Reviewer

Marketplace Profile: Placdarms
Location: Latvia, Europe

What started as a fun day playing with a drawing application through the use of basic programming turned Filips into the video pro he is today. He resides in a place formally known as the Soviet Union (never heard of it), and began working digitally with MS Paint, which led him to Powerpoint, which lead him to Flash, which finally lead him to After Effects. He has his own design company, founded in 2008. And he also loves music, with some of his tunes available on AudioJungle. When he’s not working, he spends his time with his family, and as a youth leader at his local church. Lastly he has a passion for fixing houses. And is currently working on getting his latest purchase done so his family can move in by years end!