GraphicRiver: Meet the Team

Learning MS Paint in Siberia, being a smart alec and compulsive designer, lying about accents, and being huge Apple fans. Meet the GraphicRiver team.

Welcome to GraphicRiver! At GraphicRiver you can buy and sell royalty-free, layered Photoshop files, vectors, icon packs, Adobe add-ons, isolated photos, and design templates for just a few dollars. Items are priced on the complexity, quality and use of the file. The site is home to a bustling community of graphic designers and illustrators.

The People Who Make It Happen

Sometimes we forget about the people that work hard behind the scenes to keep everything operating smoothly and effectively on a day-to-day basis. Let’s take a look at the team behind GraphicRiver:


Arik Beremzon | ArikB

Arik is a general smart alec whose favorite pastimes include analyzing and destroying other people’s positions on certain subjects and using half arsed attempts at humor as you see above. Arik is also a duct tape artist and fan of the ellipsis (…) (As opposed to those who use three dots (…)). Born in the cold Siberian plains, Arik’s first experience with the Western world came through a program called MS Paint which introduced him to the English language through commands such as “save as…” and ”Unfortunately this program has to close and all files will be lost.” Arik has discontinued his use of MS Paint ever since he discovered Photoshop because Photoshop has a cloud filter.

Arik is a freshman studying Economics. Arik’s problem is that he’s interested in way too much stuff† rendering him incompatible with the rest of the world and its system of 24h days and the concept of “sleep”. This has caused a mutual relationship of avoidance between Arik and “The World”. Arik dares you to count how many times Arik wrote Arik in this short bio on Arik.

Chan Kai Loon | kailoon

Kai Loon is a full-time freelancer, and recently setup his company – Loondesign Studio. You can check out his online portfolio on his personal blog/portfolio. To learn more about his relationship with Envato, you can refer here. Kai Loon has worked almost twenty hours every day in the last two years, which lad to an unbalance lifestyle. Now, he tries to balance his life with family gatherings, and outdoor sports, such as basketball and Futsal.

Scott Wills | scottwills

The most important thing in Scott’s life is music. But if his wife is reading, it’s the second most important thing in his life. Originally from England, Scott now resides in Tennessee in the USA. He spends most of his spare time having to explain where his accent is from to people who work in restaurants. Sometimes he lies and says “Russia” just to see the perplexed reaction on the waitress’ face, but he tends not to do that now, not since he got beat-up for being sarcastic to a really big waiter who used to be in the army. Scott’s greatest ambition is to time travel but ironically, he doesn’t have much spare time to pursue that ambition.

Ben Gribbins | bgm

Ben “The Grib” Gribbin is a freelance writer, designer and Editor from sunny (sometimes) Yorkshire, UK. Ben is *HUGE* Apple fan – as well as a lover of photography, starting new projects (but never finishing them) and Electro / New Wave music from the 80’s. “The Grib” is also Envato’s chief ginger person.

Patrik Larsson | PatrikL

He’s Patrik, a compulsive designer who loves to come up with ideas while taking long baths. There are more ideas flying through his head every day than Einstein got patented in his whole life. Always looking for the next project to sink his teeth in, if you ever want someone bursting with ideas for your project … he’s your man. With his mind constantly drawing inspiration from movies, music or nature, it’s no wonder he’s always busy with something he calls important. When he’s not writing a book, articles, tutorials or recording a podcast … you can most likely find him in the review queue, designing or browsing the forums.

Constantin Potorac | ConstantinPotorac

Constantin has been a full-time freelancer since he started creating my first shape in Photoshop and here he is now, still a full-time freelancer designing all sorts of graphics with all sorts of interesting effects. From time to time he also works with personal clients that find him through all the unusual sources. He tries to balance all the work with his social life, frustrating friends to go out for a beer until they eventually feel pity for him and join him for a refreshing drink.Apart from looking through all your amazing files and trying to help as much as time and knowledge lets him, he also loves teaching young wannabe designers how he works and some new techniques. He does this with the help of many blogs and of course Psdtuts+ ( Besides work his hobbies are traveling and artistic photography.

Community Moderator

Jamie Harvey | HarveyDesign

Jamie is a part-time freelancer, and Community Moderator at GraphicRiver. He also runs PremiumThemesBlog which is a community driven blog that reviews themes. In his free time he dabbles in traditional and digital painting as well as photography.