The Team

The Envato community team is made up of the following awesome individuals that dedicate their time to making sure that things in our huge community family run as smoothly as possible day to day.

Meet the Envato Community Team!

  • Adrian TryEditor of this here blog!
  • Jordan McNamara Envato Community Magnate
  • Drew DouglassPodcast Jockey and Legendary Support dude
  • Travis KingJoke Cracker, Writer & General Extraordinaire
  • Carmen Angerer Commentaholic, budding Facebook Mafioso
  • Thinesh ParamalingamSupport Team Ticket Machine & Marketplace Moderator
  • Ibrahim RodriguezAnti-Piracy Ninja!

We are also lucky enough to have an absolutely awesome team of community leaders from the Envato Marketplaces who volunteer their time to help our support guys moderate the Marketplace forums.

Meet the Envato Marketplaces Volunteer Moderator Team!

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