The PhotoDune Review Team Get Together in Budapest

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Nov 1

The PhotoDune Review Team

Jet-setting Review Manager Jarel Remick is still on the move. He recently caught up with the PhotoDune review team in Budapest, though some of the reviewers couldn’t make it.

Being a bunch of photography geeks, they … well … took lots of photos. Here are the photos shot that day, on a Canon EOS-1Ds Mark II and a Pentax K-5. Click the images to see them full-size in Flickr.

In this photo we see the team really look up to Jarel. From left: Bianca, Mark, Boglarka, Krisztina, Balazs.

The PhotoDune Review Team

From end/left: Mark, Boglarka, Krisztina, Balazs, Bianca.

Jarel makes a great point

Jarel explains a held photo to Bianca and Balazs.

Going through files

Going through held files together. (Mark is busy working in the background.)

Held photos

Going through held photos together. From left: Bianca, Balazs, Krisztina, Boglarka.

Setting up Toggl

Here Jarel is getting Balazs (in the yellow shirt) setup to set up Toggl, while Bianca watches the process.

Hard at work

The team looking at a photo for drug use.

Still hard at work

From left: Balazs, Jarel, Krisztina, Boglarka.

Going through images

From left: Bianca, Balazs, Boglarka, Krisztina, Jarel going over held images.

Now you know what the PhotoDune review team look like, say hi to them in the comments!

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  1. Josh Sprague on the 1st November

    Very cool! Love to see the magic as it’s being made :)

  2. Travis King on the 1st November

    Great looking team!

  3. Constantin Potorac on the 1st November

    Oh nice… love the teamwork shots

  4. Carmen on the 2nd November

    Makes me a little jealous!
    Great group shots :)

  5. Drew on the 2nd November

    Great pics Jarel, the PD review seem like a great group of people, hopefully more of us can meet up with them one day :)

  6. Peter on the 5th November

    I’m happy to see a hungarian staff!

    Hajrá magyar kollégák! :)

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