New Melbourne Office: Hard At Work

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Jul 30

A typical day at the Melbourne office: everyone focused on their own monitor with lots of work to do.

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  1. Jacob Boodrie on the 30th July

    I love the black computer with 5 apple stickers over it! Guessing its not a mac.

  2. Martin on the 30th July

    I like the giant ‘site under maintenance’ robot in the background :D

    • Travis King on the 31st July

      If one does not work well for the server robot, one will be consumed by the server robot.

      All hail the server robot!

  3. Christophe Debruel on the 30th July

    awesome office :D

  4. Daquan Wright on the 31st July

    Those monitors sure are big! :)

  5. Ryan Allen on the 31st July

    It is a Mac Jacob, it’s an external screen. We’re running at least 90% Mac’s in the office :) Maybe soon we’ll use Mac Mini’s and dual-boot them into Windows for those who need it, and then we’ll be up to 100%!

  6. Shahzad on the 31st July

    Nice office and nice work i like it

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