New Melbourne Office: Class of 2011

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Jun 30

Here’s the 2011 Melbourne team checking out the new office.

From left to right, top to bottom:

  • Ryan, James, Collis, Mark, Jordan, Jason, John, Pete, Jacob, Vahid, April, Justine, Tim
  • Erin, Stu, Skellie, Jess, Fuad
  • Naysan, Chendo
  • Lady Clinton

Stay tuned for more photos of our new Melbourne office.

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  1. √únsal Korkmaz on the 30th June

    bottom guy’s name is Lady Clinton? really??

    • Japh on the 30th June

      Pretty sure it’s just Clinton, and the “Lady” part is referring to his stunning pose ;)

  2. cudazi on the 30th June

    Looks like a nice view, thanks for all the work you do to keep things running around the clock.

  3. Wlam on the 30th June

    You’re growing so fast guys!! Congratulations for your new office!!

  4. David on the 30th June

    ooo new office!

    See you there when I crack the top envato elite level :P

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