Envato Remote Staff: An Infographic

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May 30

I recently upped sticks and moved from Valencia in Spain, to Bordeaux in France – the luxury of freedom which working remotely affords. Being somewhere else got me wondering who my nearest Envato colleague was, which got me wondering about remote staff in general, which got me wondering: who is the most remote of all Envato remote staff?

With the help of my fellow Envatians (and Google Maps) I pulled together some stats. Below, for your viewing pleasure, are the results.

  1. Ian Yates on the 30th May

    I should just mention: if you’re a remote staff member and you can’t find your name on the graphic, shoot me an email and I’ll see that the info is updated :)

    • Akshay Aurora on the 30th May

      I just love this infographic…

      Which software did you use to create it??

      It’s soooo awesome.

      Pls I request you to mail me the source file.

    • Ian Yates on the 30th May

      Hi Akshay – very kind!

      The whole thing was done in Illustrator – if enough people are interested I’ll pull together a Quick Tip + Source post for Vectortuts+ or something..

      Thanks :)

    • Akshay Aurora on the 30th May

      Thanks alot.
      Can’t wait for the Quick Tip and Source Files.

      Pls try to do it ASAP.If incase you get busy with some other tut/project.
      Pls try to mail me the source files.

    • kailoon on the 31st May

      Me me me !!! :P

      Excellent work!

    • Ian Yates on the 10th August

      Just to update; the source is now available over on Vectortuts+..

    • Adrian Try on the 10th August

      Brilliant Ian. Thanks!

  2. Kat on the 30th May

    Yay for the girls! Most excellent infographic!

  3. Adrian Try on the 30th May

    Incredible work, Ian. That was a lot of fun. And Matthew, we’re neighbours! Though that might be stretching the term…

  4. Matthew Guay on the 30th May

    Ian, this is awesome! So fun, and proud to be part of the team :)

    Though I should mention, I’m an American in Thailand. Does that make me the only Envato expat, or are there other expats on the team?

    And Adrian, is great to have you as a neighbor. Should we meet up for lunch some time? :P haha

    • Ian Yates on the 30th May

      Nice to meet you Matthew!

      There are quite a few expats on the team; I’m English living in France, there’s another English Ian in Melbourne, Ibrahim in Spain is Venezuelan, Scott in Memphis is also a Brit, Roger’s also English but resides in Germany (why does everyone flee the UK?!) and I’m sure there are more I haven’t mentioned.

      We’re a wandering breed, we Envatians..

    • Adrian Try on the 30th May

      Sure. Know any good Thai restaurants? ;)

    • Matthew Guay on the 30th May

      @Ian – Neat! Now should we do a contest for who has traveled the most miles in their life? :)

      @Adrian – Sure, I know tons of great Thai restaurants in walking distance from my house. Oh, wait. Did you mean in Australia? Now if we both walk 2.5k miles, we could meet up in … the Pacific. Maybe make fresh Sushi on the ocean? :P

  5. Amanda Hackwith on the 30th May

    Re: Battle of the Sexes – Kate and I will take on ALL y’all. ;)

    Great infographic, Ian! Thanks for putting it together.

    • Matthew Guay on the 30th May

      Yes, someone else on the team that says ya’ll :)

  6. Jeffrey Way on the 30th May

    So cool!

  7. Jarel on the 30th May

    Great work Ian!

  8. Brandon Jones on the 30th May

    This was a lot of fun to look at – Great infographic Ian!

  9. Scott on the 30th May

    Fantastic job, Ian, love the infographic! Just another reminder how Envato are taking over the world. :-)

  10. Jami Gibbs on the 30th May

    Very cool!! That’s one of the many awesome things about the Envato community… diversity!

    btw… where’s Kailoon and Siddharth?

    • Ivor on the 30th May

      Siddharth lives in Bangkok, Thailand and Kailoon in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

      I love this infographic Ian, you rock.

  11. nemos on the 30th May

    Ha, great ;) Envato 24/7/365

  12. Murat Erozturk on the 30th May

    Awesome infographic Ian! Fantastic to see how global this organization actually is in this fashion.

  13. Aurove on the 30th May

    Nice infographic work. :)

  14. Kate on the 30th May

    This is awesome :D Nice work Ian!

    Random question: Is Filips Baumanis is Latvia, by any chance?

  15. Japh on the 30th May

    Love the infographic, Ian! This was actually something I wondered about a while back. Nicely put together :)

  16. Kailoon on the 31st May

    Great work!

    But, where is kailoon ….

  17. Ross on the 31st May

    Where is ADG3 Studios!!

  18. Santosh Setty on the 31st May

    No one from India :(

  19. Rick Ong on the 31st May

    That’s a cool infographic about your team

  20. Philo on the 1st June

    I’m not on the list :( Could you add me :) ?

    • Ian Yates on the 1st June

      Hoi Philo :) You’ve been added! I’d also missed off Grant from Psdtuts+ somehow, so he’s been added too. The girls are seriously outnumbered now..

  21. MSFX on the 1st June

    i’m in the UK if I count? =P

    • Ian Yates on the 1st June

      Sorry Matt, I had to draw the line somewhere! If I ever pull one of these together for authors then you’re definitely in :) That would be a terrifyingly large graphic though…

  22. Drew Douglass on the 1st June

    Amazing work Ian, this is great!

  23. kailoon on the 1st June

    Can add me? @@

    • Ian Yates on the 1st June

      Added :) And it’s completely messed up the results! Ivor has knocked Matthew off his throne..

      (I think I’ll wait for more additions before I properly adjust the last graphic..) Cheers

    • kailoon on the 1st June

      Thanks a lot Ian! Thats quick!

  24. Rafal from FutureSight on the 8th June

    I love it! Can I have printable version? I would love to print this on canvas and place it in my little office :)

  25. Jayna Wallace on the 8th June

    This is awesome. A company that not only accepts remote workers, but completely embraces them as well. Good to see!

    • Rafal from FutureSight on the 8th June

      You are right!

      Can some tell me how to get picture in my comments? I’ve got account on TF but it seems not linking with notes…

    • Kate on the 8th June


      You go here: http://www.gravatar.com/ – the images used on these blog comments aren’t pulled from Envato, they’re Gravatars :)


  26. Rafal from FutureSight on the 8th June

    @Kate Thank you very much! :)

  27. Marcelle on the 19th January

    Fabulous demonstration!!!

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