Envato Are in Kuala Lumpur!

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Apr 24

James and Ian wander the city

Envato have been dribbling into Malaysia’s Kuala Lumpur over the last week – most of us arrived on the weekend. We’re here for the Envato KL2012 Meetup. We’ve been suffering jet lag, tasting street food, having late nights, riding roller coasters, and sleeping in.

Best of all, we’ve been meeting the team we work with – people we touch base with every day, but haven’t met in “real life”. It’s a surreal experience.

Cyan welcomes the team before Sunday night's welcome dinner

On Sunday night we had a huge generous Welcome Dinner. Cyan and Collis welcomed the team, and we sat down to a scrumptious feast and good conversation.

The Envato welcome dinner

There’s a lot of us here, but unfortunately not all the team could make it. We miss you!

Naysan and Jeffrey filling their plates

The food here is great. Breakfasts and lunches at the hotel have been amazing. And at night we go out to explore a huge variety of restaurants around the city.

Lance and Haley, Brad and Lea, and myself checking out the Petronas Towers

If you’d like to see more photos, be sure to visit the Envato Photo Stream on Flickr. Jarel is running around everywhere with his camera, and will be updating the Flickr stream regularly. And stay tuned here on Envato Notes. We’ll bring you updates a few times a week.

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  1. lawrence77 on the 24th April

    expecting these meet posts ;)

    keep them coming, hope you guys enjoying :)

  2. Max on the 24th April

    KK is one of the most beautiful place in the world… Enjoy it!

  3. Kenaudio on the 24th April

    Hey, this looks like you are having a great time;)!

    Hope to participate next time;)!!!

    Cheers from cloudy Hamburg.

  4. henry b. snel on the 24th April

    hi, I saw this on twitter ! What a magnificent town is this Kuala Lumpur in the exotic East. Have a joyful stay ! HBS .

    • Adrian Try on the 26th April

      Terima kasih, Henry. We’re having a great time in Malaysia.

  5. NikiN on the 24th April

    Looks like fun :)

  6. Rodrigo Leon on the 24th April

    Man, that’s amazing! I hope I can be part of that someday!

  7. Aqif Azizan on the 25th April

    Can’t wait to meet you guys this Thursday! :D

    Welcome to Malaysia.

    • Adrian Try on the 26th April

      Terima kasih, Aqif. We’re loving your beautiful country. It will be great to meet you tonight. :)

  8. HZH on the 28th April

    When will Envato comes to Myanmar?

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