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Collis Speaks at PressNomics 2012 on Envato, Entrepreneurship and the WordPress Economy  

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Dec 4

Collis Ta’eed, Envato CEO and founder spoke at the inaugural PressNomics conference on the WordPress economy in November this year. The conference was a two day event where the WordPress community came together to discuss best business practises, and strategies for reaching commercial success using the WordPress platform.

Collis was one of many influential speakers from the WordPress industry in a lineup that included Automattic and WordPress founder Matt Mullenweg. Collis’ talk touched on his experiences with Envato, entrepreneurship, leadership and success.
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Promote The Cinematic Bundle  

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Feb 28

Our latest marketplace bundle, The Cinematic Bundle, is getting ready to launch! On March 7th we will be giving away our biggest value bundle yet – $500 worth of royalty-free AudioJungle and VideoHive files for the just $39. That’s one amazing opportunity! The bundle, containing 15 mouth watering Adobe After Effects project files and 25 epic music and audio files will be available for a limited time, only 4 days, so be ¬†sure to add March 7th to your calendar! Or use this handy .ics calendar file we’ve created to import the event into your chosen calendar app or web app, including iCal, Outlook, Google Calendar and many more!

Referral Opportunity

As you can imagine this bundle is going to sell like hotcakes, so this is a great opportunity to earn some quick referral cash! We’ve created no less than 24 banner graphics that you can add to your own blogs and Web sites to promote the bundle. It’s as simple as downloading one of our banners, adding it to your site, and then hyperlinking the graphic using the following link making sure you replace “username” with your own marketplace username:

Don’t miss out on this great referral opportunity and stay tuned for the launch of The Cinematic Bundle on March 7th.¬†Happy referring!

Presenting Lazy Loading Controller Instance Variables  

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Oct 25

Here’s a video from way back in the archives. At the October 2009 meeting of the Melbourne Ruby and Rails User group I did a presentation on a lazy evaluation tool we created to help deal with the extra complexity all our view caching was adding to our Marketplace app.

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