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Featured Site: Snipplr  

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Jan 31

Snipplr is designed to keep all of your code snippets in one place. Since the site started in 2006, over 30,000 snippets have been added – almost half of which were added in the last year. Snipplr became an Envato site half way through 2010.

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Meet the Staff: Travis King  

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Oct 25

Every week we’ll introduce you to an Envato staff member or team. This week we meet scholar and funny man, Travis King. I’ll leave it to you to decide when he’s being serious and when he’s not.

What is it like working for Envato, and what are some of the jobs you’ve had with us?

Once and while Jeffery lets me out of the little cage he keeps me in, and for those brief moments between the beatings and the confinement, working for Envato is pretty enjoyable.

Actually, working with Envato is a blast. Back in the early days when Envato was known as Eden, they caught my eye as a group of people I really thought I would like working with. As is often the case, I was completely correct.

My first job with Envato was as a product reviewer for FreelanceSwitch. At the time I had never really written anything for online publication, but site editor Skellie gave me my big chance. I’ll be forever thankful to her for that, but please don’t tell her. She’ll use this information to wield ultimate power over me and commit her evil, evil deeds.

I’ve actually had a bunch of different jobs with Envato. There’s been so many that staff often ask me to explain exactly what I do. I’ve been everything from writer, HTML dude, Creattica blogger, newsletter editor, personal assistant to Collis, screencaster and researcher. Currently I manage Snipplr and work with the Envato Marketing team.

Whew…I need a raise.

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