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My New iPad: The First Two Hours  

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Mar 16

The whole world knows that last week Apple announced “The new iPad.” Yes, we were all expecting the “iPad 3″, but they surprised us. Well, today is a week later – the day they come out. And I’ve had mine for less than two hours. That’s them in the photo above. (Click the image for the full resolution unedited iPhone photo.)
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Freebie Friday: My Favorite iPad Freebies  

by posted in Free Files
Nov 26

I’ve had an iPad for a couple of months now. After a few months of thinking it wasn’t my sort of toy, experiments with my wife’s pad slowly changed my mind – especially when I think of it of being an ebook reader on steroids.

Since getting my iPad, my reading has been revitalized, but I’ve found a bunch of other uses for the device. I use it to play games and read books with my two-year-old son. I surf the web (though I still prefer a laptop for that), and explore reference apps. I play the odd game while watching TV – I’m definitely not a gamer. The little machine has found a niche in my life, and I have quite a few apps to thank for that.

So here are my favorite free iPad apps by category:
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