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Up and Coming VideoHive Author— Bluehatdesign  

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Dec 5

VideoHive’s Bluehatdesign has proven that they’re an author to keep an eye on. With only three items in their portfolio, they’ve made more than $20 000 in item sales on VideoHive in less than six months! I took a look through their portfolio and it’s not hard to see why— they’ve created beautiful video displays with an effortless style and grace that’s pretty hard not to love. It looks like they’re building a stellar reputation for quality, style and excellent customer relations both here and elsewhere. Continue Reading

A Dozen Ways to Get Design Inspiration and Feedback  

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Aug 17

Chihuly's Inspiration - Anemone, by Tim Hamilton

Inspiration is as elusive as it is essential. It can mean the difference between a run-of-the-mill job and a work of art. Week by week in our author interviews you get to hear where other authors find inspiration. Where do you find yours?

Late last month on Web.AppStorm Matthew Guay raised the topic of inspiration. “Design is an iterative process. It takes inspiration,” he says. He then goes on to list a dozen places you can find inspiration – and inspire others.
Continue Reading

The Best Websites for Design Inspiration  

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Nov 17

Inspiration is important for designers. It can help you to get new ideas for your next design. But it is hard to find good websites for design inspiration. You get about 35 million results if you search on Google to design inspiration. So, what are good websites to use? I made a list with really handy and nice websites to get design inspiration.

Web Creme

The website Web Creme is a simple but very good website for web design inspiration. This websites shows only the best websites and some of the designs are really stunning. I really recommend this website because it is one of few which only has the best designs. It’s also possible to submit your own website (or a website of someone else). Score: 8.5.


Unlike Web Creme shows the website Minamal not only brilliant designs of websites, but also photos and videos. It’s a relative new website and has thereby not much content. I think that this could be one of the best (new) design inspiration websites because it contains also photographs and that kind of stuff. The only disadvantage is the relative few content but that will change in a while. Score: 9.0.


The website Dribbble is really unique. The reason for that is that Dribbble is a community with talented users who places their latest works on the website. It’s possible to give your comments and like the work of someone else. Dribbble is very popular. You’ll find many results when you search on Twitter or Google to Dribbble invite. Dribbble is namely invite-only, which means that you only can become member with an invite. Score: 9.5.


This is maybe the only website with so much pages. The website has 61 pages with images of websites. What struck me was that you find nothing more than just normal designs on this website. Maybe you’ll find once in three pages a brilliant design, but that’s it. I think the fact of so many pages has also cons. I mean: it’s better to make a few pages with brilliant designs. And I know that the website Web Creme has also many pages, but they only have brilliant designs. And I don’t know exactly how they did that, but they are unique. Score: 7.0.

Design Kindle

The launch of this website was on the day that I wrote this post. But I was convinced that this website was unique after I saw it for the first time. There are many websites that give Photoshop files for free but almost nobody has a brilliant design like this. I think that you really have to keep an eye on this website. Score: -.


I really recommend this website. It’s beautiful designed and has lots of logos. I only think that this website could be much better because it doesn’t has the best logos on the internet. This website would be perfect if it has better logos. Score: 8.0.


Creattica is a very comprehensive website with different categories and really a lot of inspiration. I think that that’s one of the points that makes this website unique. It is a very open website and that means that everyone can submit their own files. You can compare it with Dribbble. The fact that everyone can submit their files can make this website a bit sloppy. Yes, your file has to be reviewed but you’ll find every kind of designs, which can make you a bit confused. Score: 8.5.


The website 365psd is one of the best ‘free-psd’ websites which I’ve seen so far. This website has sometimes really brilliant free Photoshop files. The only thing that makes 365psd a bit worse is that they don’t add every day a new file. The owner makes almost every file by himself. That’s very handsome, but I got the idea that he just makes very fast something in Photoshop to add a new day. Score: 7.5.

CSS Mania

This website has really beautiful but also very ugly designs on their site. It’s one of those sites to take a look around, but it isn’t very special or something. There are much better websites for design inspiration but I should go to this site if already you know all designs of the other websites. Score: 6.5.

Smashing Magazine

And finally an indispensable website: Smashing Magazine. This website isn’t only focused on designs but has some great articles about it. You only have to search on the tag ‘inspiration’ and you’ll find great articles. And Smashing Magazine has also other great articles for designers. Really recommended! Score: 9.5.

These ten websites are really handy for designers to get inspiration or free Photoshop files. There are many more websites like this but this list maybe only contains the very best ones.