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Meet Justin French  

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Nov 26

Hey everyone, I’m Justin French. I’ve been with Envato’s Marketplace team for about seven months. My background is in design. I started in print and branding then moved into user interfaces and the web and now I focus on user experiences and products. Along the way I learned enough Ruby and Javascript to be dangerous and I’ve lead some pretty amazing teams and tackled some epic projects. Continue Reading

Dev Manager Update  

by posted in Community, General
Nov 15

Hi, my name is John Viner and I am the new Development Manager of the Envato Marketplace dev team. My last 2 roles have been at companies where the community is at the heart of the product (as the dev manager at social sports network PlayUp and as dev manager at Lonely Planet). So I appreciate the importance of the Envato community and keeping you updated.

Since I started 10 weeks ago there have been some exciting things happening in the team. Continue Reading

Marketplace Development Last Year and Our Roadmap  

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Mar 20

State of the MarketplacesA little while ago, we promised a post about our development roadmap, as well as what has been worked on in the last year. There is a laundry list of excellent features and updates that have been waiting in our pipeline for what feels like forever. And understandably there’s a lot of questioning on the forums over why they haven’t materialized yet.

Search improvements, ratings improvements, a shopping cart, item support tools, affiliate campaigns and analytics, license improvements and the list goes on. It’s a list of things that would make buying better, selling better, and alleviate problems left, right and center.

The long and the short is that a lot of these types of improvements keep getting put on hold as we cope with growth and expansion. Continue Reading