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Tuts+ Basix –
Learn a New Skill These Holidays  

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Dec 22

Cycling with Training Wheels by Paul Hamilton

Learning a new skill can be fun and challenging. At the same time you get a sense of excitement by exploring something new, combined with a sense of frustration at not knowing what you’re doing. It’s like you’re back on training wheels.

But when can you find time to learn something new? Well, maybe over the holiday season.

And if you manage to find the time – between eating ham, sucking on lollies, and drinking your beverage of choice – the best place to start is Tuts+ Basix.

I don’t know whether you realise that each of our Tuts+ sites has a Basix section designed to help absolute beginners like you. They are full of tutorials pitched at the right level that start in the right place to give you a good foundation.

Let me introduce you. Here are the last three Basix tuts from each Tuts+ site.
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