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Outstanding New Marketplace Items:
ActiveDen, AudioJungle and ThemeForest  

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May 20

What outstanding items have been arriving on the marketplaces? Here are a handful that have caught our attention.

The image above is a ThemeForest item called Place – Responsive Blogging WordPress Theme by PressLayer, a clean responsive WordPress theme for blogging and picture galleries.

Read on to explore more awesome new items.

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Quick Question: What Is the Hardest Part of Developing a Game?  

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Nov 21

I have a quick question I’d like to get your answer to: what’s the hardest part of developing a game? Is it finding the assets, writing the code, making it fun, or just getting someone to play it? Continue Reading

Interview with FITC Speaker James White  

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Apr 2

Interview with FITC Speaker James White

FITC Toronto 2012 is coming up quickly (April 23-25). The event which features over 70 renowned digital creators from around the globe, and cover everything from HTML5 to making digital art, Flash, FLEX, AIR, mobile and more. We got to sit down with James White, one of the FITC speakers, to get a glimpse at what he will be presenting as well as ask him why digital creators don’t want to miss this event.
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The Great Google Adwords Experiment One Year On. Did It Work?  

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Mar 15

A Great Day at the Google HQ! by Trey Ratcliff

It was about a year ago that ActiveDen author Bitfade shared a brief Google Adwords experiment he had been conducting, and proposed a bold plan. His plan showed promise: for every dollar invested, two dollars could be made. You can read all about it on the ActiveDen forum. A lot of interest gathered around the proposal – there are 133 posts in the thread.

Well, that was a year ago. That’s enough time to reflect back on the experience with an objective mind. Did the experiment work?
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Show Your Appreciation: ActiveDen  

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Mar 12

ActiveDen is Envato’s marketplace for Flash and Flex files. Previously named “FlashDen”, it is where Envato started – our most ancient of sites. If it’s your favorite site, give it a shout out in the comments!

You might like to browse our previous posts related to ActiveDen.
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Making the Switch:
ActiveDen to CodeCanyon  

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Mar 7

A little over a year ago I needed to do something very simple with jQuery for a project. The only problem was, I was working exclusively with Flash and had never used jQuery before. So I hired someone to do it for me.

Looking back now, I probably could have accomplished this task with a little effort. But jQuery just felt like a foreign world I wasn’t quite ready to explore. Probably because my love and devotion to Flash was just too great.

Flash forward to 2012, and the technology landscape has changed quite a bit. If you’re a Flasher like myself, chances are you’ve made some changes by now. Maybe you decided to focus on games or mobile, and are still working with Flash. Or maybe you’ve taken a completely different career path and are now working with jQuery and HTML5.

But what if you don’t fall into these categories and haven’t yet made a change? I’m not qualified to talk about the world of Flash games or Mobile Apps. Instead, I went the jQuery route. Here’s my story:
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Game Coder Magazine Is Out –
Issue 1 Is Totally Free!  

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Feb 2

If you’re a coder looking for something to read, I have the perfect gift for you. Game Coder Magazine has just come out, and Issue 1 is totally free! (Registration is required.)

The website’s About page gives a good summary of what to expect:

Game Coder Magazine is a payable bi-monthly magazine devoted to game development. It covers the trends in game programming, presents useful tools, techniques and tutorials.

Our magazines are useful for everyone interested in game development, both professionals (game developers, game programmers) and hobbyists.

The magazine is released only in digital form, every issue is available for download in pdf from our website.

What exactly is in Issue 1? Here’s a summary from the press release.
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Author Interview: Gljivec  

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Dec 13

Developing Oracle applications, discovering Flash and ActiveDen, planning around Flash’s uncertain future, and cycling three or four times a week. This week we meet Ales Krivec (gljivec) from ActiveDen, CodeCanyon and PhotoDune.

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Encrypting ActiveDen Files  

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Nov 13

One of our primary concerns on ActiveDen, as well as the rest of the sites, is the security of your files. In fact, we have a group specifically dedicated to pirate hunting! That’s one of the reasons we’ve always encrypted files on ActiveDen. Tools like secureSWF and SWFEncrypt can really help prevent people from decompiling your files.

Unfortunately, there are some issues with ActiveDen reviewers doing the file encryption. Most importantly, file encryption isn’t a one-size-fits-all thing. You really need to play with the settings to find the perfect balance between functionality and security for each individual file. That’s fine except that reviewers could never have the intimate knowledge of your file that you do. Sometimes a feature will break with encryption and the reviewer won’t even notice. That can be very frustrating for both authors and buyers. Some files take 3 tries before we get them to work which, unfortunately, slows down the queues and everyone in them.

Though it won’t be required, encryption will now be the responsibility of the author. This will not only speed up the queues, but also allow people to customize encryption settings to match each file.

Effective date: November 28th

For authors who don’t already have encryption software, I strongly suggest secureSWF. The ActiveDen team tried out a lot of software and this had the best balance between speed and security. They’ve been kind enough to offer a 25% discount to ActiveDen authors.

25% discount code: AD25


Save 15% at Apps World North America  

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Oct 12

Apps World, North America, is a two-day event where you’ll hear from high-profile industry leaders, developers and app store providers from around the world. It takes place on 1-2 November in New York.

Flash and Flex Developers Magazine have let us know you can save 15% by registering with code FLASH15.

Thinking about going? Here’s what you can expect:

  • 2 day ‘marketing track’ – packed with leading brands, case studies, and cutting-edge mobile marketing strategies
  • Dedicated developer tracks, 2 days of developer insight!
  • Over 100 Speakers
  • Over 50 Exhibitors – free to attend exhibition
  • Evening networking party, event Twitterwall, networking lounge & bar area
  • Co-hosted event with Social Media World forum – one pass = access to Apps World & SMWF workshop tracks, providing an unique opportunity to explore, discover & debate these leading digital tools.