New Tuts+ Feature: Authors Can Promote Their Marketplace Items

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Sep 28

If you’re a marketplace author, you can now promote your marketplace items at the bottom of any tutorial or article you’ve made for Tuts+. This is a great chance to get your items in front of thousands of people, so if you’ve worked with Tuts+ before please fill out this form to start promoting your marketplace items on your Tuts+ posts.

The “Jeffrey Way” image above is what the promotion will look like. You can add the marketplace you are most active on, and it will show a full row of your most recent files.

If you’ve never contributed to Tuts+ before and are a marketplace author, the extra promotions of your items means now’s a pretty good time to get involved! The sidebar of each Tuts+ site has information on how to get published there. We’d love to have you!

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  1. Ricardo de Zoete on the 28th September

    Wow, awesome feature. But how can I add an tutorial to the Tuts+ site?

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