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Aug 25

Huge Author News!

For four years the Envato Marketplaces have helped authors around the world earn an income selling their digital wares. Along the way we’ve grown from one marketplace to seven, with more on the way. We’ve gone from hundreds of members to hundreds of thousands. Items from our marketplaces have appeared in projects for companies big and small, all around the world. And most importantly of all, we’ve had thousands of authors cash out earnings, ranging from a bit of money for a big weekend to sums in the tens of thousands of dollars a month!

It’s been an amazing ride, and here at Envato we are completely committed to making these the best damn marketplaces around. That’s why I’m very excited today to announce that as of the end of September we are rolling out some dramatically improved rates for all our exclusive authors!

As the sites have grown, so has our revenue. As we increase in volume and size we’re able to push back more and more to the authors. This is in fact our third rates increase now, and it’s always a really happy day when we get to make the changeover and start putting more money in author’s hands.

The new rates have TWO major improvements over the old system which will make for massive benefits for authors.

New Baseline: 50% – 70%

The first thing to know about the new rates is that all exclusive authors will start at a baseline of 50%. This means starting authors walk away with one fifth more than they used to right out of the gates.

The new baseline also means that for a new author the split is dead even when they arrive. Then over time as they sell more and become a more acclimatised author who understands how to submit, what needs to be done to get approved, what sells well, and so on, these rates go up to hit a maximum of 70%.

While we haven’t changed that max rate, I do have some more very good news:

70% is Now MUCH Quicker and More Achievable

In our old rates system you needed to sell $300,000 worth of files to reach the legendary 70%. Despite the difficulty this entails, we’ve actually still had a handful of authors reach those lofty heights.

However it’s become clear that this range was just too high, especially for marketplaces like AudioJungle and GraphicRiver. So I’m thrilled to tell you that in our new rates system, we’ve reduced this path down by an enormous margin of $225,000.

As of the end of September authors will need to reach a much more achievable target of $75,000 of gross sales to get to 70%. This is still a big amount, but a huge reduction.

This is Thanks to the Site Managers!

Wondering who was responsible for pushing the new rates through? Well this is a good time for all authors to say a big thank you to the Site Manager team.

While the board and myself were understandably hesitant about the massive financial consequences of this change, it was our Marketplace Manager Jason and his whole Site Management team of Lance, Jeffrey, Scott, Mark, Amanda and Matthias who really pushed for the changes to happen and for them to go through sooner rather than later!

The Site Manager Team

So if you’d like to attribute this change for authors somewhere, please say a big thank you to all the Site Managers. They do an amazing job championing the marketplaces in the company, pushing not just for rates but for fixes and improvements, changes and features to make their sites work better and be the best sites they can be. Sometimes things take a while to happen, and I know sometimes in the past year they have had to front up to some frustrating issues on the marketplaces. It’s important to remember however that these guys are responsible for much of the good stuff you see around our marketplaces.

So I think this is a good time to give them some big kudos and props for representing all authors and bringing home the bacon!

The Full Rates Table

Starting midnight September 30th, all exclusive authors will move to the new rates table (shown below). All exclusive authors will see an immediate jump as well as a quicker progression up the ladder. Best of all, many authors will suddenly be catapulted up to the 70% rate!

As in the past, we’re very focused on creating unique marketplaces of digital content. As such, the rates for people selling their work on our sites as part of a large portfolio of places they sell through, will remain at the same previous non-exclusive rate of 25%. We always welcome these authors to switch over and join us as exclusives to take advantage of the new rates! And remember you can still sell other things elsewhere, we just want the files you have with us to be exclusively available through Envato.

The full rates table, effective 11:59pm September 30th 2010 (Melbourne AEST time):

Exclusive Rate Sales Volume Required
50% $0
51% $3,750
52% $7,500
53% $11,250
54% $15,000
55% $18,750
56% $22,500
57% $26,250
58% $30,000
59% $33,750
60% $37,500
61% $41,250
62% $45,000
63% $48,750
64% $52,500
65% $56,250
66% $60,000
67% $63,750
68% $67,500
69% $71,250
70% $75,000
Non-Exclusive Rate Sales Volume Required
25% $0

Happy Birthday Authors!

So on the fourth anniversary since our first marketplace FlashDen first hit the web, I’d like to take a moment and say Happy 4th Birthday to all our authors. Thank you so much for choosing to sell with us. Thank you so much for being a part of our amazing community. Thank you for helping us make the Envato Marketplaces what they are.

One More Thing …

To borrow a line from Mr Jobs, there’s just one more thing. Next week, I’ll be back with a very exciting announcement – a whole new Envato Marketplace! Yep it’s one heck of an August for us here at Envato, so stay tuned to Envato Notes for even more big news!


Hi, I'm Collis and I work at Envato!
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    But, i did not notice any changes in my account?

  169. Youngstream on the 1st September

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    I might try and submit a theme again…

  170. Mike on the 2nd September

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  171. Sandip Ganguli on the 2nd September

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    Till I joined Envato and started selling, I genuinely knew that this is the only ONE BEST marketplace anyone could ever have throughout the internet for selling their own digital contents.

    Thanks to all the Envato staff members, reviewers and all the authors as well (me too, hehe.) for making all this possible as on today, with their great management, great reviews and amazing digital contents.

    Kind Regards
    Sandip Ganguli
    (Envato Author – Themeforest)

  172. Solidbeats on the 2nd September

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  173. Frederik Hermund on the 2nd September

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  176. Hotcomputers on the 3rd September

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    Your current rate: 40 %

    It is a bug or this baseline s applied only for some designers.


  177. kh2838 on the 4th September

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  178. Eric on the 5th September

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  182. Chad Thompson on the 14th September

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    • Drew on the 14th September

      Hi Chad,

      Commission rates do *not* reset, so once you’re there, you won’t go down! :)

  183. Satya on the 15th September

    Very good news

    I will work more for this marketplace

    Thanks a lot

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  193. FlashSpec on the 26th September

    Is this only for new members?

    • Adrian Try on the 26th September

      Hi FlashSpec. The new rates are for all authors – new and old and in between.

  194. ram on the 29th September

    I am exciting to see new rates how my sales make me happy :)

  195. Jim on the 29th September

    Did the managers ever think to tie payouts to supporting authors only?

    By the look of the site, more than a few authors don’t support their work – that is they ignore questions, don’t follow up after a few months and generally don’t support their work. This is a big turnoff to buyers. Instead of rewarding these authors you should penalize them.

    Of course there are good authors who are very responsive, but there are a few in your list above who pass the grade.

    Just a suggestion.

  196. Chad Thompson on the 29th September

    Yes I had this problem when I purchased my second theme from Theme Forest. Tons of glitches and the author was AWOL. He made his money and then quite responding to his clients requests for help. Themeforest don’t require authors to provide support… theme forest what if you provided a gateway that would allow authors to CHARGE a small fee for support? That would give the deadbeat authors some incentive to stay around and answer questions after their theme comes out. Is this the right place to post suggestions?

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