Marketplace Item Pages Now Have Social Media Buttons

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Feb 22

Our marketplaces gained a new feature today. You will now find social media buttons under the preview on each item page.

You don’t like keeping good news to yourself do you? Now with one click you can tell your Facebook friends or Twitter followers about the amazing new item you found—or created.

I never like being passive when I browse. Now it’s easier than ever to let others know about marketplace goodness. How many “Likes” have you clicked today?

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  1. lawrence77 on the 22nd February


  2. Mike McAlister on the 22nd February

    This is long overdue but much appreciated!

  3. rocketstas on the 22nd February

    YEaaaah ! that it awesome ! Thank you

  4. campuscodi on the 22nd February

    It took you a while!!! Finally someone came to their senses.

  5. John on the 22nd February

    A very pleasant surprise indeed! Thanks!

  6. artnook on the 22nd February

    Yeah! This is pretty cool…

  7. matt on the 22nd February

    Awesome! It would be sweet if you could grab our twitter username from our envato profile and add it into the tweet

  8. Sitebase on the 22nd February

    Great to see this new feature.

    @matt +1

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