Get 50% Marketplace Credit Back on All PhotoDune Purchases in November

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Oct 27

Buy photos on PhotoDune in the month of November and at the end of the month we’ll credit you back 50% of the total purchase price into your account! Choose from over 330,000 fantastic quality photos from some of the best microstock photographers in the world. Our prices are already extremely affordable, but now you’ll get half your spend back as credits, so you can buy even more! And best of all, authors will still earn their regular commissions.

All you need to do is head over to PhotoDune any time in November and buy photos! It’s that easy! For every dollar you spend on PhotoDune during the month of November, we’ll credit you fifty cents back the following month to spend on anything you like, including our other Envato Marketplaces.

Terms & Conditions

  • This offer only applies to purchases made on PhotoDune between 12:01am November 1st, 2011 and 11:59pm November 30th, 2011 (Australian Eastern Standard Time).
  • All credits will be made to your spending/deposits account on the Envato Marketplaces. Credits are not redeemable or refundable for cash. Credits may be used on any Envato Marketplace, including back on PhotoDune to buy more photos.
  • Your account will be credited by December 9th, 2011 (AEST) with 50% of the total purchase price of all PhotoDune photos you purchased during the promotion period. For example if three $5 photos were purchased during the period for a total of $15, then $7.50 of marketplace credit would be added to your account.
  • The usual Envato Marketplace terms & conditions of usage apply, including credit expiry one year after deposit or crediting.
  • If any price change is made to a photo after a particular purchase is made, the original price at the time of purchase will be used when calculating the credit to be given for that transaction.
  • Authors may not purchase their own files or attempt to unfairly use the promotion in any other way, whether through their normal account, or secondary accounts, and either directly or by someone else on their behalf. This includes dummy accounts, and author pairs or author rings purchasing each others’ files. Strict consequences will apply at our discretion for violation of this term, including credits not being deposited or immediate disabling or termination of author accounts without further access to the account balance.
Hi, I'm Collis and I work at Envato!
  1. Darreck on the 27th October

    Hi Collis, thanks for the update! looking forward for the promo on Nov, by the way just to let u know there’s typo in the campaign?

    “we’ll credit you fifty cents back the following month”, is it fifty percents?

    • Adrian Try on the 27th October

      Hi Darreck. The full quote is, “For every dollar you spend on PhotoDune during the month of November, we’ll credit you fifty cents back the following month.” 50 cents is 50% of a dollar. :)

  2. Misel D. on the 27th October

    Fantastic News, thank you Collis!

  3. Diego P. on the 1st November

    Nice idea, Thank you!

  4. activetofocus on the 1st November

    Thank you Collis!

  5. AJ Clarke on the 1st November

    To bad I bought about 30 photos last week for my “Fotos” wordpress theme on TF last week. Can I get my 50% back now :D LOL

    This is awesome!

  6. lyman on the 1st November

    Good to know, I would make a sportner on my site.

  7. TutsPress on the 1st November

    Thanks you Collis. This is nice special.

  8. Sharon Milne on the 1st November

    Awesome news! I do love my stock photos – so this really appeals to me :D

  9. Syafz on the 1st November

    50% marketplace credit? owesome! thanks

  10. Acouphene on the 1st November

    Nice idea, PhotoDune looks really promising.

  11. Fredrik on the 1st November

    I might be a bit tired, but after reading the list 5+ times.. Photodune isn’t present in the site changer on top of the page here in notes..

    • Adrian Try on the 2nd November

      Good point Fredrik – you’re right. I’ll get someone to look into it.

  12. Mike Mancuso on the 1st November

    I like the concept of the PhotoDune, I would like to suggest adding the ability to search by aspect ratio!

  13. Art101 on the 1st November

    That’s a great step forward. Thanks Collis :)

  14. Steven McCabe on the 1st November

    I’ll buy that for a dollar! Excellent News :)

  15. nice! on the 1st November


  16. Aminul Islam on the 3rd November

    Fantastic News, Thankyou

  17. Amin on the 7th November

    oh my god tnx

  18. Steven Gliebe on the 7th November

    Happy to see this as I’m about to buy a batch of stock. I can’t believe how big your selection is already.

  19. Robbie on the 13th November

    Absolutely brilliant! I already use Envato for all my themes etc … now photos as well?! Cheap, easy and no stupid bulk credit buying. Glad that you’ve kept it simple with just using money rather than credits. Good work guys and girls :-)

  20. samir on the 13th November

    envato the best :) thanks envato :)

  21. maurisource on the 14th November

    This is an awesome news man! Viva envato :)

  22. Local Marketing Channel on the 15th November

    That is such a great deal. I am going to stop using now. Thank you :-)

  23. detective prive on the 18th November

    Fantastic! Long live Envato, will use PhotoDune over iStockphoto now (and recommend it!).

  24. Till Kleinert on the 18th November

    thats a good offer. we will purchase some more stuff. The quality is excellent.

  25. rohit on the 20th November

    Thanks Collis, Hats off.

  26. Home insulation on the 23rd November

    Fantastic News, Thankyou

  27. BestDesignWebGallery on the 27th November

    Thank you Collis!

  28. Michael on the 29th November

    Great news. I am purchasing photos right now for my feminin section of my portal.

  29. Walt on the 18th December

    Still waiting for the credit to come through. I am starting to believe the company is just another scam.

  30. jible on the 22nd June

    Absolutely brilliant! I already use Envato for all my themes etc
    This is an awesome news man! Viva envato :)

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