Exciting New Tuts+ Premium Member Updates

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Aug 27

Look Ma, No Ads!

We love our Tuts+ Premium members, and this week we’ve added some features to all Tuts+ sites just for you:

  1. If you’re a Premium member – and logged in – you won’t see any ads. Just like in the image above.
  2. You can now log into your Premium account from any Tuts+ site, and when you do, you’ll be directed back to the page you were on. No more switching sites or remembering URLs.
  3. When you’re logged in, you can download source files without needing to go to the Premium area.

We’re excited about these changes, and hope they make life a lot easier for you. What do you think?

Tuts+ Manager Aaron Osteraas is so excited about the changes that he created this screencast just to show them off:

You can view a high resolution version of the video here.

If you’re not a Premium member, you might feel like you’re missing out. Well, you don’t have to feel that way. Sign up for Premium today!

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  1. Skellie on the 27th August

    This has been a long time coming, but we hope Premium members really enjoy the changes! :)

    • Sharon Milne on the 27th August

      I completely agree.

      So many sites/networks have membership programs with one of the biggest selling points of no ads.

      This is a fantastic change!

  2. Lukas Hermann on the 27th August

    Really nice upgrade – makes it even more fun to use and browse the marketplace-

  3. QuaxMedia on the 27th August

    Better than Ever.


  4. Jeprie on the 27th August

    No ads? I’ve doing it using adblocker plugin. Nothing’s special for me.

    But I do love how I’m returned to last page. That’s one small but significant feature.

    I want to ask something, does downloading premium support resume? I’m using FDM here and I can not resume download. Is it just me?

    • Aaron on the 28th August

      Hi Jeprie,

      Unfortunately the servers do not support resuming. You still can use a download manager if it is of benefit but resuming won’t work.


    • Jeprie on the 28th August

      Hi Aaron,

      Thanks for your response.
      I hope you can add that support someday. In my place, internet connection is still expensive, not many people afford fast internet.

  5. chaitanya venneti on the 27th August

    Thank you, Now it’ll be easier to download the source files, without the need to go to tutsplus and login.

  6. flashmac on the 27th August

    No more switching sites or remembering URLs! Geez thanks Aaron, this was pretty irritating. Thumbs up.

  7. retrib on the 27th August

    Yay thats great!

  8. Davidmoreen on the 27th August

    Good stuff, I wanting better plus integration. I wasn’t expecting no ads! That’s really cool!

  9. Max Luzuriaga on the 27th August

    Really great new features added to an already amazing program! Cheers!

  10. Jose Galdamez on the 27th August

    Cable TV providers could learn a lot from you guys.

  11. EGY on the 27th August

    Is not working for me… I logging as premium member but ads still there.

    • Drew on the 28th August

      Hi EGY,

      This is an isolated issue and should go away shortly. Try clearing your cache and refreshing the page, the ads should not show for you once logged in as a premium member much longer :)

    • Ryan Allen on the 28th August

      Hey EGY,

      Try clearing your cookies and logging in again, see if that helps!

    • Ryan Allen on the 28th August

      Whoops Super Drew beat me to it!

  12. Bosma on the 27th August

    Great news!

    Was this recommended a lot in the recent surveys you did? I emphasized how this was needed, and man it makes such a difference.

    • Drew on the 28th August

      Hey Bosma,

      It was a very highly requested feature/change so we’re glad to implement it!

    • Aaron on the 28th August

      Hey Bosma,

      Sure was! Though we had been receiving requests for it for a long time, but we didn’t have the resources until recently to get it changed. It’s a lot easier and streamlined to browse now that’s for certain!

  13. Fez Jilani on the 29th August

    Hey guys, I recently joined tuts+ so these features didn’t seem new to me but I loooovee how easy it is to get files.

    Could you please make some sort of premium forum where members can communicate amongst each other? Or at the very least a way to communicate with the envato staff, I want to speak to Jeffery Way :(

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