Envato Zoo Opens its Doors

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Jul 29

Envato Zoo
What’s this? Another launch from Envato? And what is Envato Zoo? Perhaps a new marketplace for buying and selling exotic animals? Read on and all will be discovered…

You’ve probably noticed that Envato has kind of a thing for animals and all of our marketplaces have something to do with an animal habitat. Whether it’s forests, rivers or dunes, we follow a pretty particular pattern when it comes to naming our sites. And to tell you the truth, coming up with new and appropriate names for our new marketplaces is getting rather difficult – SpreadsheetSewer anyone?

Along with our animal habitat names we also like to pick a mascot animal that would typically reside in those habitats. A bear for ThemeForest, a bee for VideoHive and some type of lizardy thing for AudioJungle. The list goes on.

So, we thought, we should really have a home for all of our marketplace animals. A place for people to come and see them, and download cute pictures and wallpapers of them all – we’re pleased to introduce Envato Zoo!

What’s in the Zoo?

The zoo currently contains all of our Envato mascots that have been beautifully drawn by talented illustrator Pasquale D’Silva. We asked Pasquale to create a set of sweet illustrations for the community. With these illustrations we’ve put together vectors and wallpaper backgrounds for your desktop or mobile device for you to download. All the cute and cuddly Envato animals are available – although the CodeCanyon eagle has a bit of a temper and the GraphicRiver fish has been know to bite.

Have fun with the animals

Envato’s mascot vectors are freely available under a Creative Commons non-commercial license that will allow you to make your own wonderful collections and wallpapers. We encourage you to play around with the animals and show us what you come up with over on the marketplace forums.

However, please be careful around the animals. Should you be eaten, it could make the animals very sick, and that would make us sad. Not because you were eaten, but because it costs a lot of money to pump a bear’s stomach.

Travis only pretends to like sushi.
  1. Dipak on the 29th July

    Great post !!! I like envato

  2. raincutter on the 29th July

    And I always thought Audiojungle had snake for the mascot! NVM. :D Nice illustrations.

  3. Martin on the 29th July

    These are great thanks guys!

    Will be making use of them when I get bored of the last wallpaper you guys gave us :)

  4. Equiet on the 29th July

    Nice! Too bad we can’t use it in the marketplace files (CC-BY-NC).

    • Jordan McNamara on the 1st August

      You can use it in your previews, just not in the file available for download.

    • Equiet on the 1st August

      Wow, that’s a good news for me. Thanks for the reply!

  5. Kasper Kismul on the 29th July

    These are aweesome!

  6. Dan on the 29th July

    “It’s all happening at the Zoo”
    ~ famous guy

  7. Justin on the 29th July

    So, can we start calling the Envato employees zoo-keepers?

  8. Dragan Filov on the 29th July

    They are so lovely :D

  9. Justin Carroll on the 1st August

    Fun. Glad to see Envato doing quirky stuff like this.

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