December Community Superstar Announced!

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Jan 25

We hope that you’ve all been having a great start to 2011, it’s a very exciting time at Envato and we hope that you enjoy some of the things we have in store for this year.

With exciting things in mind, it’s time for us to announce and give out prizes to our Community Superstar for the month of December 2010. This was an extremely hard pick this month as we’ve had so much great activity on the forums recently. A big thank you to everyone who participates on the forums each day and makes this community so great.

Without further delay, the winner is…


DaniMun, AKA Danielle Laura McPherson, has been an extremely active member of the forums recently, particularly ActiveDen. We’ve noticed how helpful DaniMun has been when it comes to users having issues with a flash item or a particular snippet of code.

Never one to miss an opportunity to help or contribute to the forums, we’d like to congratulate and thank DaniMun for all of her contributions.

Talk about the prizes already!

DaniMun will be receiving one of the following prizes:

Danielle, it’s your choice, so just let us know which one you choose. An Envato staff member will contact you via email shortly regarding your prize choice.

Congrats again to Danielle Laura McPherson, for winning the Community Superstar badge for December 2010!

  1. D'zinc on the 25th January

    Congrats DaniMun, the community is lucky to have you. Cheers.

  2. Folksnet on the 25th January

    Congrats Danielle!

  3. Jordan McNamara on the 25th January

    Well deserved Dani! You rule! :D

  4. OhmLab on the 25th January

    Well deserved! Congrats, Dani ;)

  5. Sam Lanning on the 25th January

    Congrats Dani,

    We’re so lucky to have you in our community! Definitely the perfect recipient for the Community Superstar Award! Thanks for being awesome!!! :-)

  6. MSFX on the 25th January

    go Dani :)

  7. LGLab on the 25th January

    Congrats Dani, truly deserved ;-)

  8. Dani on the 25th January

    Thanks guys for your kind words, I feel so lucky and fortunate to have such great friends as you are! I couldn’t imagine our community without you!

  9. Derek Palmer on the 25th January

    Congrats! :)

  10. Ronnie Swietek on the 31st January

    Ah, I was wondering when this was going to happen. You’re never too far to lend a help hand…or snippet

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