The Marketplaces Hit…
A Massive Two Million Items!

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Aug 24

What better way for Envato to celebrate its sixth birthday than hitting a huge milestone. Our marketplaces have just passed a gigantic two million items!

That’s huge! It was only six months ago (on February 4th) that we passed the one million item mark. That first million took us five and a half years! Right now, we have 2,004,755 items.

It’s due time we pause and draw a deep breath, and take time to thank and congratulate everyone involved in our marketplaces:

  • First of all, our authors, who created the two million items. Pat yourselves on the back – you’re amazing!
  • The marketplace growth officers, who are obviously very talented at growing the marketplaces.
  • The reviewers, who carefully examined every one of those two million items, and many more besides.
  • The devs, who keep the marketplaces up and running incredibly consistently.
  • Our support team, who work tirelessly offering assistance of all kinds. They now support twice as many items as they did six months ago.
  • And last – but definitely not least – our buyers. Without you it wouldn’t matter how many items we have.

It’s moments like these I remember to take pride in the amazing company and community I work with.

Stay tuned for another milestone – a member milestone. Last September we hit one million members, and right now we’re almost 1.89 million. How long will it be until we hit the next two million milestone?

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  1. Chankey Pathak on the 24th August


    Keep making good items :)

  2. Sergiu on the 24th August

    Congratulations! And I want to say a big, big thank you to all the people you’ve mentioned, from the reviewers to the forum mods and clients, they’re the ones that made everything possible. I wish envato a very Happy Birthday and at least 100 more! :D


    • D'zinc on the 24th August

      Go Mod Team! Thanks for the kind words, Sergiu.

  3. Altaf on the 24th August

    Before we weren’t having photodune, i think photo dune gets a lion share in this benchmark. anyhow it’s amazing to hear. :)

  4. Amzee on the 24th August


  5. Philo on the 24th August

    Congrats! :)

  6. hector on the 18th September

    hard and good job!!!

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