OrmanClark Breaks Monthly Marketplace Sales Record!

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Oct 11

Envato would like to extend a massive congratulations to popular Elite ThemeForest author and designer OrmanClark for smashing the previously held monthly Marketplace sales record of $42,000 sales in one month.

Last month, OrmanClark – known for his beautifully simple and clean WordPress themes – beat the previous record mentioned above and achieved more than $47,000 in sales! Don’t forget folks, we’re talking about one month here. We are absolutely thrilled for Orman and are overjoyed at the success he has achieved on the Envato Marketplaces.

OrmanClark's Latest Theme: Sideshow: Funktastic Portfolio Theme

Congratulations Orman! Your story is an inspiration and we wish you the very best of luck and continued success on the Marketplaces!

If you are interested in selling work on the Envato Marketplaces, you can learn more about how to get started earning a living with us on our Wiki.

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  1. WPHead on the 11th October

    WOW fantastic, congrats Orman! Very well deserved :)

  2. Mabuc on the 11th October


  3. Santosh Setty on the 11th October

    Mind Blowing!

  4. Adrian Try on the 11th October

    Well done Orman!

  5. Spectator on the 11th October

    Are we talking about gross sales or the amount that Orman is actually going to take home?

    (Is this total sales figure or the figure of the orman’s share after deducting affiliate and envato share?)

  6. Massfocus on the 11th October

    It’s celebrating time ! :D Mad props OrmanClark !

  7. duellsy on the 11th October

    Incredible… but well deserved, I’ve bought 3 of his themes, and they’re all top notch.

  8. mpc on the 11th October

    Mind blowing numbers :O

  9. Orman Clark on the 11th October

    Thanks for all the congratulations and kind words on breaking the record and thanks to Envato for making it possible in the first place. I’d personally like to thank the people which have helped me along the way and the extraordinary work the guys are doing in the support team – I couldn’t do it without them.

    It’s been a fantastic year for authors in general and here’s to making 2012 even greater :)

    • Alexander Dohr on the 11th October

      Congrats Orman. You do absolutely stunning work :)

    • SBJEWEL on the 11th October

      Congratulation Orman Clark …. Really fantastic achievement …. :)

  10. artnook on the 11th October

    Congratulations!! ;)

  11. chrismccoy on the 11th October

    nice work ;)

  12. arrowthemes on the 11th October

    Congrats Orman. Its amazing what you’ve accomplished in one year. Keep up the good work.

  13. Paul on the 11th October


  14. CMT Studio on the 12th October

    Well deserved – happy spending! :)

  15. Joe on the 13th October

    Making that amount in a year would be a dream come true, let alone earning that in one month :)

  16. Dave Johnson on the 13th October

    sounds like I’m in the wrong business! great work my friend

  17. Henrik Lehnerer on the 21st October

    WOW congrats Orman! Excellent job!

  18. Sokopedian on the 27th October

    This is mind-boggling, totally inspirational for start-up freelancers like me.

    Orman you are the best. As the saying goes, “the more you give, the more you receive”. Your freebies have helped so many people and freelancers too.

    Excellent work and keep the light bright.


  19. Ahmed (premitheme) on the 27th October

    Congrats Orman :) I really love ALL your designs.

  20. Patrick on the 8th November

    Congrats Orman! You guys, really deserve this. I guess you already throw a party?

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