Envato’s 6th Birthday: 70% Author Commission & Birthday Bundle!

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Jul 25

Birthday SoonWe’re excited to announce that we’re rapidly approaching Envato’s 6th year in operation! And what a blast the past 6 years have been. From humble beginnings in 2006, we’ve rapidly grown into a community of more than 1.8 million Marketplace members, educated millions of visitors to the Tuts+ blogs for free, launched our premium education platform, helped freelancers earn a living and improve their skills and so much more.

Though we would be nothing without our amazing community, which is why we want to give back on our birthday.

I’m excited to announce that on August the 20th we will be launching our annual Birthday Bundle, containing more than $500 worth of the best files the Marketplaces have to offer, for only $20! Not only do we want to celebrate by making the Birthday Bundle available to everyone, but from Monday the 27th of August until Friday the 31st of August we will be setting every author’s commission rate to 70%!!

There’s never been a better time to be a member of the Envato Marketplaces. If you’re not already a member of our community, I encourage you to take a look at what we have to offer!

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  1. Jerome Collinge on the 25th July

    Happy 6th birthday Envato !

  2. denny busyet on the 25th July

    HPBD. 6th! still Long Journey. Thanks for the great community. Long Live!

  3. redWORX on the 25th July

    Hey! That sounds totally awesome! Pleeeeeeeeease add one of your items to this bundle! Would be so fantastic :)


  4. Ruben on the 25th July

    @redWORX .. i think the files are already chose :))

    • BoxedCreative on the 12th August

      Do they tell you that they are going to include your files in the bundle or without telling you before-hand?

  5. bilmaw on the 25th July

    Wow, really looking forward to that.

    Happy Birthday guys, keep up the good work!!

  6. navigator on the 25th July

    Wow, 6 years! Happy B-day Envato :)

  7. r-Mafi on the 25th July

    Great!!!! Congratulation Envato!
    Good news about 70%!!!! I’m happy!

  8. LivelyWorks on the 25th July

    Happy Birthday ENVATO!!

  9. Matthew Butler on the 25th July

    6 Years congtrats!
    Here is to hoping one of my files get into the bundle!!

  10. Themedizain on the 25th July

    Happy Birthday envato 6 years

  11. Muhammad Adnan on the 25th July

    iWish one of my files get into the bundle ;)

  12. Glutenfree4u on the 25th July

    great work envato, you continue to be the only marketplace i ever use!

  13. Wellman on the 26th July

    Happy bday envato! Thanks for the amazing Ride!! I’m enjoying it!

  14. Santosh Setty on the 26th July

    Gr8 news, but what about author elite authors who are receving 70% already??

    Think there items will be included in bundle!

    • redfactory on the 27th July

      I was wondering the same thing. What if we already have 70%? The celebration won’t really do anything for us (except for the part that we’d be celebrating ofcourse ;) ).

      Also, whould it be possible to submit suggestions for the birthday bundle? That whould be awesome :)


    • Santosh Setty on the 27th July

      Envato only has solo rights to select item for bundle.

    • Sherman on the 11th August

      Elite authors will get 100% off….everything free…

  15. ThemeBeam on the 29th July

    Wow, congratulations Envato – happy birthday! :)

  16. Quickandeasy on the 30th July

    Great news,

    does this apply to non-exclusive accounts too?

  17. johnnybd on the 31st July

    Great news!! Thank you Envato

  18. yeremia on the 31st July

    Congratulations! i hope one of my file get in the bundle. :D

  19. Comeero on the 31st July

    Happy Birthday Envato! :-)

    Hope one of my files get into the Bundle :-)



  20. Dannie Herdyawan on the 11th August

    Happy birthday envato!!!

  21. Loki6 on the 11th August

    Good news! Congrats envato with your 6th birthday!

  22. Martijn de Bont on the 11th August

    70%, nice! Congrats Envato!

  23. UXbarn on the 12th August

    Very great news! Happy birthday Envato!

  24. behzad on the 12th August

    happy envato birthday and thanks for this news :)

  25. iluzie on the 12th August

    Happy birthday envato!!! :D

  26. retinalsin on the 12th August

    Congratulations Envato.. Happy Birthday!

  27. krishnachaitanya on the 15th August

    WOW!!!! Happy Birthday to Envato, Great!!!

    And i wish all the community members to have great sales. and wish the community grow more and more……

  28. Kontramax on the 18th August

    Congratulations, Envato and all users! We grow this amazing marketplace together.

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