A New Marketplace Milestone:
First Theme to Surpass 20,000 Sales!

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Sep 26

How often do you check your marketplace stats? Probably not as often as Power Elite author Internq7 in recent weeks. One of his items has just hit an incredible statistic: 20,000 sales! And yes, that’s a single theme.

The item in question is his U-Design WordPress Theme pictured above. Besides hitting the 20K mark, this theme has been setting a few other records:

  • It’s the top theme in sales – ever.
  • It’s had the most sales in a single week – ever.
  • It’s had the most consecutive Weekly Top Sales throughout 2011-2012.

That’s inspiring. Huge congratulations to Internq7!

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  1. peerforest on the 26th September

    Awesome Stuff..

  2. Michael on the 26th September

    Unbelievable! Congratulations!

  3. redWORX :: Creative Media on the 26th September

    This is really unbelievable and amazing! Congrats! WOW!

  4. James on the 26th September

    Wow! Nice work

  5. Matthew Butler on the 26th September

    wow that is amazing!

  6. Josue Palma on the 26th September

    20,000 sites with the same design, oh damn… btw congratulations

    • Andrew JAMES on the 27th September

      Awesome job Andon.

      To Josue; if you have a look at the showcase you will see why this theme is the N°1 seller.

      Every web uniquely different, all using the same theme!

  7. Josh Sprague on the 26th September

    Incredible! This has been a fun one to watch :)

  8. Carmen on the 27th September

    Go! Internq7! What an awesome achievement. :)

  9. MelD on the 27th September

    Way to GO Andon (internq7)!! I’m using the uDesign theme and it’s simply amazing. Well deserved. Congratulations!!

  10. Robert on the 27th September

    Wow congrats..

    This is really a million doller theme :D

  11. Corinne Battle on the 27th September

    Congratulations, Andon! I love the theme, so I can see why others do too! ~Corinne

  12. Selim Rana on the 29th September

    It’s really GOD gifted :)

  13. gbs on the 1st October

    Congratz on this million dollar theme. That’s incredible!

  14. Paul on the 27th March

    I’m not surprised at all. I have 5 licences (so far!!) because it really is that good. More over the support is exceptional.

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