Wavy Gravy—Extreme Slow Mo in Apple Motion

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Jul 12

Wavy Gravy – Who Needs Twixtor? 2000 FPS+ With Apple Motion

Using a Canon 7D at 59.94 frames/second then timed in Apple Motion using Optical flow. No rotoscoping or masking. The slowest footage was slowed down to about 2% or 3% speed.

Thanks to Matt Wiebe for grinding it out that day. He can do flippier tricks, but I needed straight airs to avoid the wavy gravy. :)

I have nothing against Twixtor, just can’t afford it. Thank you to CrumplePop for the Motion Tutorial.


  1. Adrian Try on the 12th July

    Thanks for the video, Paul. It’s amazing!

  2. Janik on the 12th July

    Well Done, this Looks almost Perfect with just a little Bit of artifacts but perfectly Filmed though.
    I have also tried my luck with the 7D and some confetti Action but wasn’t that pleased with the resulting artifacts.
    Good Job

    • paul on the 12th July

      Thanks Janik! I think a couple times I had trees or power lines in the BG and they didnt help!! I found static motion through the air turned out best. I have some kickflips etc that actually look pretty wonky…they never made the cut!


  3. James on the 12th July

    Wow! That was fun! This looks really awesome.

    I can’t believe the power that a single human being with vision has nowadays with the help of DSLR and home edit systems! The power to entertain! ..and I don’t even like skateboarding!!!

    good job!


  4. paul on the 13th July

    Thank you James!

  5. kailoon on the 13th July


    • paul on the 13th July

      : – )

  6. Chris Janzen on the 15th July

    I thought this looked all to familiar. Representing Winnipeg!

    • paul on the 22nd July

      You bet! I love this city!

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