Scheduled PayPal Downtime 1 Hour: This Friday

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Apr 17

PayPal Scheduled DowntimeThis is an important announcement for Envato Marketplace and Tuts+ Premium users. Time UpdatedThis Friday, April the 20th between 3:00pm and 4:00pm AEST (Check what this is in your time zone)  – PayPal will be bringing down all of its services for scheduled downtime. During this period users of our sites will be unable to make deposits via PayPal to their account or complete purchases via PayPal. Our alternate payment provider Skrill Moneybookers will be available throughout the downtime. You will also still be able to make purchases on the Marketplaces at this time if you have enough funds already deposited in your Marketplace account.

Thank you for your understanding.

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  1. vietnguyen09 on the 19th April

    Today i can using paypal to payment everything another market :( so bad

  2. Creatifan on the 19th April

    I got limited using Paypal only 2 month, I dont know what happen, they saying there’s another person who access my account. It just me… :(

    • Vietnguyen09 on the 19th April

      Becareful if you using your paypal account for payment to online shop, And you need change password your paypal accout and email account, hacker can access your paypal account if you using one password for multiple account. Now i dont using paypal, this services is not simple.

  3. velo on the 19th April

    paypal is knuckling up or cannabis friendly, both ways somewhere a kid is peeing his pants, do> do^ do> do/

  4. dlysen on the 19th April

    I’m here in Singapore and my friend is currently having problem on the charge back. The customer ask for refund but the problem is he already withdraw the money. Now he is having hard times to add fund on paypal.

  5. Deny Saputra on the 19th April


    Is there any “new” Paypal out there?

  6. thecodingdude on the 19th April

    This isn’t a paypal discussion place – if you are having troubles with payment I strongly suggest contacting paypal itself to find the error

  7. Ciaran Whelan on the 19th April

    Thats right, this is not the place to discuss issues with Paypal… But while we are on the subject, why not make it a free 1.5hrs downtime. Download what you want for free because we cannot pay… ;) Just kidding.
    Great work guys… and Gals.

  8. SB Mingle on the 19th April

    I’m so glad that i made a deposit on graphic river today!

  9. Samuel Peter on the 20th April

    I wonder , such giant ,active marketplace like Envato meets one hour of downtime with major payment gateway!

    I hope ,Envato in the process of some crucial updates.
    The best news is the downtime is already over.

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