Five Quick Web Design Tips
From Team Envato

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May 23

Do you love the design of Envato’s gorgeous websites? Would you like to know the secret formula, or at least get some tips from our amazing devs? You’re not alone!

While in Malaysia, Webdesigntuts+ editor Ian Yates had the opportunity to pick the brains of our designers and developers and pick up some amazing tips. I mean, what does a web design guru do in KL except talk design with other web design gurus!

Luckily for you he’s not keeping his discoveries a secret.  He collated some amazing tips from five different developers in a helpful article on Webdesigntuts+ called Five Quick Web Design Tips From Team Envato.

Here’s a list of the devs and designers he got to speak to, along with the tips they gave:

So race over to Webdesigntuts+ now and check them out. Now!

What was your favorite tip? Let us know in the comments.

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