Envato Podcasts Returns

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Oct 26

After a little break the Marketplace Community Podcast is coming back!
In the next two months the podcast will be back with a vengeance, so get prepared and listen to Collis Ta’eed (Envato CEO) being interviewed by Envato Staff Jordan McNamara and Drew Douglass.

Download the mini podcast featuring an interview with Collis Ta’eed, CEO of Envato.

  1. Adrian Try on the 27th October

    Yay! Great news, Carmen – I’ve missed it. Downloading now.

  2. cudazi on the 27th October

    Great to hear. :)

  3. Drew Douglass on the 27th October

    And we’ll all be broadcasting from the same room for the first time ever! :)

  4. chrismccoy on the 27th October

    im excited ;)

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