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Apr 13

If you’ve got your ear to the ground, you’ll know that Pinterest is the hot new thing in social media. It’s like scrapbooking with a twist.

Pinterest allows you create public pin boards of all the things you like best. For Envato, that means our Marketplaces and everything on them!

You will notice there is now a little ‘Pin it’ button on each item page. If you have a Pinterest account you can ‘Pin’ any item with a preview image by clicking this button!

We are so excited about our new account and have been going wild creating new boards. If you are a Pinterest fan, add the Envato Pinterest account and let the good times be pinned!

How Pinteresting!

  1. Zarel on the 13th April

    Oughhh.. waiting for an invitation!

    anyone ? :D

  2. CodingJack on the 13th April


  3. minti on the 14th April

    Nice :-)
    Looks like this tiny sapshot is taken out of my stats from ELOGIX, I have exactly the same :-)

  4. Roberto Jorge on the 14th April

    Would love an invitation. If possible. Thanks and Regards.


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