5 Things To Help You Know How Much To Charge

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Nov 7

I loved it a couple of months ago when Aetuts+ editor Adam Everett Miller sat down with us and had a frank chat about what it means to be a professional. Well, he’s at it again.

In this video, Adam dons his Firefox t-shirt and invites us into his lounge room to chat about how much to charge. If you need to charge clients for your work this video’s a must-see.

You’ll find the original post on Aetuts+ here.

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  1. Anthony on the 7th November

    Hi. This was quite helpful. Much appreciated. It’s good to hear something that positively orients you, and maybe answers questions you did not even know you had!

  2. Koen Vendrik on the 7th November

    I always tell my clients my hourly rate is $50 but I always say like hea listen, if your on a tight budget then we can arrange something. Is this a good thing or do you guys think I should just say $50 an hour take it or leave it. Let me know what your thought are on this.

  3. Tia on the 14th November

    Thank you so much for your video. It was very informative. I appreciate your insight.

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