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Aug 26

The AppStorm team have been hard at work again. Here is a huge bunch of great free apps and web services they covered.


Kickoff: A Native Collaboration App for Small GroupsKickoff: A Native Collaboration App for Small Groups

Kickoff certainly had a bumpy launch a few weeks ago. The app got so many downloads that their server broke within a few hours of launching, and, as a result, many users where seeing problems with the app, such as crashing or no syncing between accounts. Then they got some unfortunate news that no developer would ever want to hear: Apple rejected the app when they tried to update it. The reason? It was a subscription service and was therefore not allowed in the App Store, despite being approved twice before.

This was surely an unfortunate time for Kickoff. Still, those guys wouldn’t take no for an answer. They have taken it all on the chin, as seen on their blog, and they now offer it as a direct download from their site.

So, has the team learned from their mistakes? Have they made the app more solid and robust to handle all of their traffic? Most importantly, should you invest your well earned money into their service? Read on after the break to find out.
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Quick Look: VogogoQuick Look: Vogogo

In this Quick Look, we’re highlighting Vogogo. The developer describes Vogogo as an easy way to send and receive online payments. It’s simple to use and offers an effective payment option for any situation.
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Get chatty with IRCCloudGet chatty with IRCCloud

I remember the first time I saw IRC in action: I was about 10 years old and an older cousin, a computer engineer who lived with us, would log on to chat rooms to play Acrophobia, Trivia and MadLib. We were on a US Robotics Sportster 9600 baud modem and didn’t know too many other people in India who had an internet connection. Back then, it blew our minds.

IRC or Internet Relay Chat is a form of instant messaging with millions of users worldwide that dates back to 1988. One would log on to a server, pick a chat room called a channel, and then get talking. IRC hasn’t changed very much in all these years – it was meant to be basic and stays true to its roots (which aren’t exactly as described on Numb3rs). However, it was built by geeks for geeks, and so has undergone some development, which you can see in IRCCloud. This still-in-beta app brings IRC to your web browser and lives in the cloud. It offers a contemporary interface and some new features for advanced users. Let’s take it for a spin, shall we?
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Wave Accounting – Bookkeeping for the Rest of UsWave Accounting – Bookkeeping for the Rest of Us

Accountancy is a very respectable profession. There’s millions of the guys, all diligently working away like beaver to ensure every penny is accounted for. They keep business moving day-to-day, advise the board of directors and help us with our taxes. We love you guys. So all accountants, you can look away now.

Here’s the problem with accountants: They bore me. Imagine being visited by your child-self and having to explain why you spend all day staring at spreadsheets and not fighting fires, flying jet fighters, arresting bad guys, breaking world records or anything remotely cool. They also charge a killing.

Luckily for small and medium sized businesses, software has taken a large proportion of work from accountants and bookmakers. We still need them to have a look over accounts from time to time, but these days, the process can be largely automated. Wave Accounting is one such application that helps users keep track of their business transactions. But does it match up to what we should expect of accounting software? Better yet, can it help you get by without relying on your accountant so much?
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Quick Look: TODOFeedQuick Look: TODOFeed

In this Quick Look, we’re highlighting TODOFeed. The developer describes TODOFeed as an app that gives users a social way to get things done. Users can build to do lists that they share with others. TODOFeed is aimed at anyone who needs to complete activities with a group. The application makes it easy to share responsibilities and work together in a centralized place. Users can send and receive requests, so they can participate in multiple to do lists at once.
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Find Engaging Content with KnowAboutItFind Engaging Content with KnowAboutIt

The most awesome thing about social networks is the ability to share stuff with friends and loved ones. And it is really ironical that the same sharing feature is fast becoming the most annoying thing as well. From over enthusiastic peers to professional spammers, people just mindlessly click away the retweet and like buttons, overwhelming the social stream.

It took decades to reign in email spam, but thankfully, spam in the social stream is getting the attention it deserves from early on. KnowAboutIt is an app that helps you fight all the social noise and spam by highlighting stuff worth looking at. The web app makes sure you know about the best links passing through your social streams. Interested to learn how it pulls that off?
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Splarchive: Save Your Documents ForeverSplarchive: Save Your Documents Forever

I am a very vocal supporter of cloud computing. However, there are few limitations to moving your life and documents entirely to the cloud. First, you get locked into one service provider and their proprietary format. Second, if the service goes bust or you violate their terms (knowingly or otherwise), consider yourself banned for life.

This has happened to a lot of people even with big brands like Google, Yahoo, Microsoft etc. So it’s always good to have a redundancy in place. If you are like me and are staunchly against storing anything locally – even for redundancy – apps like Splarchive are out there to help us. Splarchive is a web app that converts and saves all your documents in the PDF format.
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OLO: An Experimental Touch-Based HTML5 GameOLO: An Experimental Touch-Based HTML5 Game

Up front, I’d like to admit that I’m no coder. My knowledge of HTML is rudimentary at best – simply formatting tags for text often give me a run for my money. But I like to think I can recognize when something really cool is happening in the web development space. I remember watching one of the first demonstrations of HTML5 a while back: Google had changed their homepage logo (as they sometimes do) to a cluster of floating bubbles that reacted to the position of your cursor pointer. I was really impressed by this, because it was the kind of thing that typically required flash, or some similar technology. The implications of this were huge, particularly for flash-like functionality on iOS devices.

OLO is a simple, web-based, two-player game designed with CSS3 and HTML5 by the folks at Sennep. It is meant to be played on a touch device–the same webpage that will execute the game on a touch device is simply instructional on a desktop browser. In addition to playing in the browser of your touch device (for my tests, I used the iPad), you’re invited upon visiting to add a shortcut to the page to your home screen, which enables offline play.
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Quick Look: SpendfulQuick Look: Spendful

In this Quick Look, we’re highlighting Spendful. The developer describes Spendful as a tool that lets you create budgets easily. It tracks spending, and lets you see how much money you will have months from now.
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Create Winning Resumes with ResumeBakingCreate Winning Resumes with ResumeBaking

Those who have searched for a job will know how tough it is to get the right one, if you can find one at all. You will have to be able to market yourself to the prospective employer, and customizing your skills and appealing to different corporate environments can be grueling at best. But even before you can get a face time with the bossman, there is a major hurdle you will have to get across – creating a resume.

Resumes get you a seat at the table, and are your first chance to make an impression on a potential employer (or at least their HR department). It isn’t a breeze to create a decent looking one, though, let alone an impressive one. There will always be a vital detail that has gone missing or hasn’t been highlighted prominently, and it’s so easy for your resume to look like just another plain vanilla piece of paper.

Resumebaking is a web app that promises to create you a winning resume. It’s time to check that claim for ourselves. Ready to brush up your resume? Follow along and see if Resumebaking can simplify the task.
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Socialcam: Share Your VideosSocialcam: Share Your Videos

With the advent of the iPhone 4, taking pictures and shooting videos has become increasingly better and more enjoyable. Combine that with the ability to quickly upload and share your media, and you’ll get a lot of people’s attention. Take Instagram, for example. It’s an iPhone photo sharing app that can easily take a picture, apply a filter and share it with the many social sharing sites, all within a minute or so. Quick, easy, shareable — that is what people are looking for in an iPhone app when it comes to photos and video.

This is where Socialcam comes into play; it does those very things and does a good job of it. Socialcam lets you shoot high quality video, upload it to your favorite sharing sites and be able to interact with other Socialcam users as well. Let’s find out more after the jump.
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Quick Look: BabblevilleQuick Look: Babbleville

In this Quick Look, we’re highlighting Babbleville. The developer describes Babbleville as an app designed to let you communicate with other users in your immediate area through either individual random message threads (babbles) or through local specific forums (villes).

You don’t need to “friend” or “follow” anyone for others to read your messages. The idea is that you want to discuss with other strangers in your area, e.g. in college, at a stadium, a convention etc.
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Share Your Dining Experiences With NoshShare Your Dining Experiences With Nosh

How often do you find yourself looking for the next best place to eat? There are so many options these days, and you never know where to go for the best reviews. Yelp has proven to be very trustworthy with a lot of nifty features, and it also holds a large share of users in their community — but what about something new?

Nosh is the perfect mobile network for all foodies and app enthusiasts. It’s a great way to share your experience with eating out at nearly any restaurant, and is practically the best mobile app for reviewing foods and the overall dining experience. For more info, hit the jump.
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The Onion: Fact x Importance = NewsThe Onion: Fact x Importance = News

If you have never heard of The Onion, then you’re in for real treat. If you have, but haven’t yet got yourself The Onion app for the iPad, then read on in eager anticipation of the link to it at the bottom…

The Onion refers to itself as “America’s Finest News Source”, and I’m not going to argue. Depending on my mood, The Onion is either the first or second place I go for my news; either to prepare me for, or soften the blow from, the actual news. Its particular brand of satirical humour, even after years of loyalty, continues to feel fresh and original – that they have created a bespoke app for the iPad is good. News.
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Tweed: Recommended Reading From Your Twitter FriendsTweed: Recommended Reading From Your Twitter Friends

Sharing in 140 characters or less is the name of the Twitter game. The platform simply exists and the users make it whatever they want it to be. We’ve seen a wide variety of uses as Twitter’s popularity has increased, from breaking news to sharing pictures of your dog (and everything in between). It’s safe to say that we are still discovering ways to utilize Twitter.

I’ve been a Twitter user for couple years and I’ll admit that I’ve had moments in the past were I wasn’t sure I really understood what Twitter should be used for. I was always looking for what it should be used for. I just went with it and continued on in my semi-active, mostly observational state. After a while I began to notice how much less I was using my RSS reader and instead going to Twitter for some Web reading. I was following people that interested me and they shared a lot of links to things I found interesting as well.

You may have heard the argument that Twitter is going to kill the RSS reader. Now, while I don’t think that is necessarily true, I do think that it can fill a need for a lot of people. Tweed is an iPad application that brings us a step closer and attempts to cut out the fluff and just deliver those links. Can it replace my RSS reader? Let’s find out!
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Simple Group Photo Sharing With LiveShareSimple Group Photo Sharing With LiveShare

Thanks to the advent of digital cameras, the experience of shooting and sharing photos has become so effortless and inexpensive. Mobile phone cameras make the entire process of capturing important life moments further more convenient. However, at the end of the day we end up with a whole bunch of images and sharing them all becomes a painful task.

Email attachments are way too clumsy. Facebook and Twitter are way too open. The solution lies somewhere in the middle. That’s where LiveShare comes in. LiveShare makes it quick and easy for groups to share photos live either privately or publicly. Ready to take it for a spin?
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Foodspotting: I’ll Have What She’s TaggingFoodspotting: I’ll Have What She’s Tagging

As a foodie, I was really excited by the idea of Foodspotting: take a photo of your meal whenever you’re out to dinner, and share it with the world; then, browse photos of dishes other people have tagged to see what looks good around you. There are plenty of websites and apps that aggregate reviews of restaurants’ decor, service, atmosphere, and general food quality, and mini-reviews of the menu items themselves should complement this nicely.

Unfortunately, the Android app has a few flaws that keep it from living up to its potential. Read on to find out what they are, and whether that’s a big deal.
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Plume: More Than Just Another Twitter Client?Plume: More Than Just Another Twitter Client?

When it comes to Twitter clients, Android users are really spoilt for choice; there is a wealth on the Market that are worth looking at. You can, of course, go with the default Twitter for Android application, however this is a little lacking in features and you may want try out one of the many third-party offerings available, such as Seesmic, TweetDeck or Tweetcaster. But the burning question is, which one is the best?
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Virtual Window Shopping With FancyVirtual Window Shopping With Fancy

These days, if you stumble and fall in the mobile app universe, you are sure to land either on a task management or an image sharing app. That isn’t a bad thing entirely, as we get the chance to be very picky. Since a lot of image capturing and sharing happens from mobile phones, it’s a comfort to have such a choice of photo sharing apps at our disposal.

Instead of having tens of mindless photo sharing apps, a couple of apps that focus on certain niche would be immensely helpful. Fancy for Android helps users to show off the things they have/love and to window shop for things they admire. Are you as curious as I am to check out this app?
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Feedly for Honeycomb: Feed Your Mind…On a TabletFeedly for Honeycomb: Feed Your Mind…On a Tablet

The possibilities of getting news on your Android device are endless. Just head over to the Market, search for news and look at the number of options that come up (10,475 last time I checked…). But the question is, which one do you use?

Well, we’ve already had a good look at Feedly, a popular Google Reader based news reader for Android phones and we loved it. It allows you to browse easily browse news from a variety of different sources and it’s completely free. But now, there is a tablet version available for Honeycomb tablets such as the Motorola Xoom and Galaxy Tab 10.1.
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