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Aug 24

Being a marketplace author doesn’t stop when you upload your files. Successful authors realize they are their own sales manager. That’s not always easy for creatives who want to move on to the next masterpiece! So if you haven’t come across Patrik Larsson’s book “Marketplace Tips and Tricks“, you should definitely check it out.

The book is well-presented, brief enough to be usable, contains numerous tips about marketing your files, and includes a helpful interview with successful ThemeForest author Ivor Padilla. And it’s free! Download it by clicking the graphic above.

  • Format: PDF
  • File size: 10 MB

Patrik is a writer for FreelanceSwitch, a GraphicRiver author,  and has been interviewed for the GraphicRiver blog.

About the Book

“Ever wondered what it is that makes a file sell? Or maybe you wonder how you could increase the ratings of your files? Either way, I made this book for everyone who needs a little help with marketing, sales, profile appearance and how you could write a help file.

“The book isn’t very long, but in its shortness it still contains some vital information you might need to get started. It doesn’t really matter if you’re an advanced user or a beginner, this book is for everyone who feels they need a little bump to either boost their sales or just want to increase their overall rating.

“I’ve even been fortunate enough to get a small but in-depth interview with ThemeForest author Ivor Padilla. He’s still an upcoming author on the marketplaces but has made over 1000 sales in total, which isn’t a bad achievement at all. Everyone can learn more than a few things from this guy, so make sure to read his interview very carefully.”

If you find the book helpful, see it as an investment. Grab a gold coin, head over to Patrik’s site, and make a donation!

Would you like to discuss the book, or give Patrik a huge “thank you”? Head over to this forum thread.

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  1. Adrian Try on the 24th August

    I just realised I used an Aussie phrase – “gold coin”. In Australia, our $1 and $2 coins are gold. Well, not real gold – gold coloured.

    So when I talked about grabbing a gold coin, I just mean consider donating a dollar or two – not gold bullion! Though I’m sure Patrik would be happy either way. ;)

    • Aaron Osteraas on the 25th August

      You weren’t exactly playing ducks and drakes with anybody.

  2. Ibrahim on the 24th August

    hey Adrian! Gold Coin sounds good! =D
    I’m heading to Patrik’s website now to read about the eBook!
    Thanks for the effort guys!

  3. Patrik Larsson on the 24th August

    WOAH!! :D Thanks for the blog post, Adrian :D Truly appreciated, hope you all like it :D

    • Adrian Try on the 24th August

      No worries Patrik. Thanks for your hard work, and for supporting the community!

  4. Jordan McNamara on the 24th August

    Great stuff Patrik! Very useful information. Thanks so much for taking the time to support the community like Adrian said! :-)

    • Patrik Larsson on the 24th August

      Thanks, Jordan! Really appreciate that you like it :D

  5. Pixelcloth on the 24th August

    This is a great support book Patrik. This can be of a great help for any author that needs some guidance.

    Nice work.

    • Patrik Larsson on the 24th August

      Thanks, Pixelcloth :) Appreciate that you like it!!

  6. Asker on the 24th August

    sounds great.Thanks a lot Larson

  7. MichaelJW on the 24th August

    This looks really useful — thanks!

  8. Rune Ecklon (UI20) on the 24th August

    This is great, now we just need a download link that isn’t blocked in China, where I happen to be right now..

    Thanks in advance.

    • Patrik Larsson on the 25th August

      Send me a mail from my profile and I’ll send it to you :)

  9. Drew on the 24th August

    Great stuff again Patrik, thanks so much for sharing this with us!

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