Featured Wallpaper: Look out world, here comes Envato!

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Aug 29

Do you enjoy dangerous wallpapers? Do you love to feature Envato on your desktop? Are you attracted to things to hot to hold? Then maybe this wallpaper is for you! (Click the image to check it out on Flickr.)

It packs a punch, and was created by ThemeForest author Lucky Kind. Thanks Lucky!

Love Envato? Love wallpaper? Then check out our huge collection of Envato wallpapers on Flickr. You won’t be sorry!

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  1. Misel D. on the 29th August

    2012 – Awesome :D

  2. deepa on the 14th April

    it is marvelous!!!!!!

  3. deepa on the 8th June


  4. KOFFI on the 6th June

    Thank you for the services

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