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Let’s give a huge congratulations to team THEMECO, who have made an amazing one million dollars in sales and reached Power Elite status. With just a single item they’ve made almost 20,000 sales and gathered 321 followers in just six months. They’ve chosen to share the limelight on their special day, and use a chunk of that million to make a difference. They’d like you to play a part. Read on for the details!


Their single item is X Theme, which they describe as “the last WordPress theme you’ll ever have to buy.” Since it’s the fastest selling ThemeForest theme of all time, they might be onto something. It’s highly configurable, contains multiple designs, was built in conjunction with Internet marketing experts, and is constantly and lovingly updated. Everyone from .COMs to .GOVs are using X, and THEMECO’s biggest customer is the US Government.

Happy THEMECO Day!

To break with tradition, rather than being interviewed, THEMECO have written an open letter to you, the Envato community. In it, they describe the gratitude they have for reaching the $1,000,000 milestone, and outline their plan for expressing that gratitude. They invite you to play a part.


An Open Letter from THEMECO

Dear Envato Community,

We are thrilled to be here, and excited to have the opportunity to share a little bit about our company. It is an honor to be included in the Power Elite community, and a big heartfelt thanks goes out to each and every one of our customers for helping us get here. We quite literally would not be here without you, and this day is as much yours as it is ours.

To Envato, your diligence in creating and fostering a healthy community is simply a marvel to behold. We thank you for the privilege it is to partner with you each and every day and appreciate the efforts made to care for both your authors and members. It shows.

We would love to take the opportunity of this day to share about something that is very near and dear to our hearts. As we have reflected on the past few months, it is clear that we have much to be thankful for. Food and water are easily accessible, high speed Internet is (almost) always available, and just about anything we need is mere seconds away. Over time these luxuries can become routine, even expected when there are countless others from across the globe who would only dream of a day with those things at their disposal.

People just like you and me, perhaps even some reading this letter now.

Rural hut

Rural hut

Not only are they just like you and me, they have the same dreams, goals, ideas, and aspirations. They dream of starting a business, earning money for their family, and doing something productive with their lives. There is no doubt about it: given the proper tools, anyone from anywhere can do virtually anything. It is for this reason that we are so excited to introduce you, our fellow colleagues and entrepreneurs, to another group of entrepreneurs from all across the globe who share our same passion for business.

Kiva is a non-profit organization with a mission to connect people through lending to alleviate poverty. Leveraging the internet and a worldwide network of microfinance institutions, Kiva lets individuals lend as little as a few dollars to help create opportunity around the world. This short video explains their amazing idea.

How Kiva Works from Kiva on Vimeo.

Aside from being a powerful concept, microfinance makes good business sense as well. With a 98.5% repayment rate, Kiva has built an organization around truly empowering people as opposed to simply giving a handout. This is no more clearly seen then when you think about the impact a simple loan can make. With a repayment rate near 100%, a $25 loan could have an economic impact of hundreds if not thousands of dollars should those same funds be re-invested in other loans once paid back. The snowball effect is truly exciting, and we’d like to present a way you can get in on the action (for free).



As a company, we are committed to the idea that we are here to serve others. Business excites us, but people motivate us. As the great C.S. Lewis put it, “There are no ordinary people. You have never talked to a mere mortal.”

This thought is almost haunting. How many times in the course of a day do we take for granted the people and opportunities placed before us? Especially those of us where the internet is part of our business. How often do we get an email or pour through analytics and forget that there are real people at the end of those 1s and 0s. Real people just like you and me.

Let’s make today the day where we do something about it. Together!

To celebrate this Power Elite milestone, we have donated $10,000 to Kiva. However, we want YOU to pick how the funds will be distributed. Each new member who joins Kiva with this link will be given $25 from your friends at Themeco for the loan of your choice.

There are no catches, no fine print.

If you or anyone you know likes the idea of Kiva, all are welcome to participate. You do not need to be a customer of ours or even an Envato member—this is a plain ol’ come one, come all type of thing. As long as the funds are available, any new Kiva member who follows this link will be able to join and lend $25 for free! We would love to have you join us.

From startups to rural communities to vulnerable groups, and more—the needs are there, and the harvest is plentiful. Now you can help someone half the world a way or even in your own backyard. Even greater, once the funds have been lent and re-paid, we will continue to re-lend those funds again and again and again.

Cattle farmer

Cattle farmer


It is a privilege to wake up every day and work on a product and business that we love so much. We are thrilled at the opportunities set before us, and we are equally thrilled about the opportunities we have together with this campaign. If there is anything we can ever do or any questions you may have, we’d love to hear from you.

Thank you for taking the time to help us celebrate this day by making an impact in the lives of those most deserving.

Fight the good fight,
Your Themeco Team

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Envato Is Hiring!Content Growth Specialist http://notes.envato.com/news/envato-is-hiringcontent-growth-specialist/ http://notes.envato.com/news/envato-is-hiringcontent-growth-specialist/#comments Thu, 03 Jul 2014 01:14:46 +0000 http://notes.envato.com/?p=30338 photodune-3927883-hiring-now-m

At Envato, our mission is to help people to earn and to learn, online.  We’re an established global online company with a network of marketplaces and educational sites where millions of people buy and sell digital content every year as well as learn new creative skills and technologies.  As a one-stop shop for just about anything you’d ever need to create a professional digital project, the Envato Marketplaces are growing at an incredible rate!

To stay ahead of our phenomenal growth, we are seeking an ambitious, bright, knowledgeable, and innovative Content Growth Specialist who has the ability to discover new technologies, products and content opportunities, take ownership of new growth initiatives from seed all the way to market, and ensure the long term success of our exceptional community of digital producers.  This person is someone with a true passion for all things digital, ideally with practical experience in one or more major areas of design, digital production, and development (being a Marketplace community member is a huge plus too!).  This is a fast paced and exciting opportunity, and is certainly no ordinary job.


Under the leadership of the Content Growth Team Manager, your key responsibilities will be to:

  • Research and evaluate new content growth and acquisition opportunities within existing and future markets.
  • Synthesize market research, industry trends, competitive analysis, and internal statistics into well organized and compelling strategies for content growth.
  • Conceptualize, plan, and execute exciting new launches and opportunities to engage our creative community and expand and enhance our library of high quality digital items.
  • Work with our Quality Team to develop and maintain content submission requirements that ensure both high technical and commercial standards.
  • Coordinate with Development, Legal, Marketing, Product, and other Marketplace stakeholders to ensure that all details and dependencies are addressed prior to launch.
  • Seek out and work directly with authors to facilitate the creation of cutting edge, quality content.
  • Track and analyze content performance to better understand and direct our ongoing growth strategy and initiatives.
  • Engage in business development discussions and facilitate partnerships with with producers, companies, and technology developers to maximize the impact and success of our growth initiatives.
  • Stay on top of community activity and opinion relating to content issues, and assist with content-related support tickets as needed.

Essential Qualifications

We’re looking for a whole lot more than just the ability to accomplish the above tasks. The ideal candidate will have:

  • Passion for the Envato community, buyers, authors, and staff alike.  At least two years experience as an Envato Marketplaces community member is preferred, but not required.
  • A strong understanding and appreciation of open source, royalty free, and online creative communities.
  • Passionate about finding upcoming trends and new technologies, especially in the digital content space.
  • At least 2 years experience with one or both of:
    1. One or more major audio, design, and/or video creation tools
    2. Programming languages: Python, Ruby, PHP, Objective-C, Javascript.
  • Though you don’t need to be a designer or developer, you must be intimately familiar with the industry.
  • Solid commercial instincts with the ability to make informed, accurate decisions.
  • Experience consulting and communicating with diverse teams of people across a company.
  • Ability to collect, organize, and communicate information and ideas clearly.
  • Excellent English written and verbal communication skills.  Experience with technical writing and/or business reporting is a plus.

I’m Interested!  What Now?

If you are excited at the prospect of joining our team and having a positive impact on our Marketplace community, we’d love to hear from you!  Please send along:

  • A cover letter that talks about why you would be a good fit for this role, and gives us a sense of what you’re passionate about and what drives you.
  • A resume that shows us your strengths, rather than just listing everything you’ve ever worked on.

You can submit your cover letter and resume here.

Header image credit: zagandesign

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Free Marketplace Files for July http://notes.envato.com/free-files/free-marketplace-files-for-july-2/ http://notes.envato.com/free-files/free-marketplace-files-for-july-2/#comments Wed, 02 Jul 2014 07:43:21 +0000 http://notes.envato.com/?p=30568 free-files-blue-660

QR codes, uplifting music, 3D wheel rims and more! Here are eight new free files from the Envato Marketplaces. They’re available until midnight on the 31st July (AEST). Grab them while you can for your next creative project. Don’t forget to sign into your account!

Plasma – One-Page Multi-Purpose HTML Template

Plasma - One-Page Multi-Purpose HTML Template

Plasma is a responsive HTML template for your business, portfolio, or website agency. It has a gallery for featured work, a paginated blog, a hover effect, and contact page. The template offers a quick and easy setup.

Simple QR Codes – WordPress Shortcode

Simple QR Codes - WordPress Shortcode

Add a simple but very useful feature to your website with this stylish QR codes plugin, that displays nine types of codes via shortcodes. Use them anywhere on your website to display information that your visitors can save easily on their mobile devices. You can set nine types of QR codes with any size and alignment.

Camera Recording Screen 01

Camera Recording Screen 01

A 1920×1080 30p HD video camera recording styles. It comes with two styles and supports 30 seconds of footage.

Absolutely Uplifting

Absolutely Uplifting

This corporate track has an uplifting and positive feel. It’s written in modern pop-rock style with the mood of hope, prompting, and optimism. This track could be useful for commercial advertising projects, as the background music on business presentation, sports or commercial video.

Corporate Letterhead Vol.2 with MS Word Doc

Corporate Letterhead Vol.2 with MS Word Doc

A corporate letterhead designed in four different color schemes with stylish design elements. You can easily change the logo, contact information and color of the element itself in just one click.

Mesa Arch

Mesa Arch

Photo of Mesa Arch in morning’s sunlight.


3D Car Rim Granturismo

<br />
3D Car Rim Granturismo

A 3D model of a Granturismo aluminium car rim created in Cinema 4D. This model has 15,387 polygons.

IntroOne – XML Driven Dynamic Flash Intro

IntroOne - XML Driven Dynamic Flash Intro

IntroOne is an XML driven, dynamic Flash intro with particle blast effect. It can display any number of slogans, synchronized with background sound.

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Happy QODE Day http://notes.envato.com/authors/happy-power-elite-day-qode/ http://notes.envato.com/authors/happy-power-elite-day-qode/#comments Tue, 01 Jul 2014 00:11:17 +0000 http://notes.envato.com/?p=30315 qode-notes

Congratulations to the QODE team, who have reached Power Elite status by making one million dollars worth of sales. Thoughtful market research, an attention to detail, the introduction of new features and the gradual expansion of the team are some of the secrets to their success.

Don’t run a race where you have a late start from the beginning. Instead, try to introduce something new, which will make others want to run your race.

QODE are definitely running their own race, and it’s working. They surprised themselves with the success of their first theme, have expanded the team and moved into a larger office, and reached Power Elite status in a little over a year. Congratulations!

Happy QODE Day!


We asked the team a few questions about the journey to the $1,000,000 milestone. Read on to discover how they decided to start creating WordPress themes, how they stay on top of their game, and how it feels to reach a million dollars worth of sales!

Happy Power Elite Day QODE! Gee, you made it fast! A little over a year? How does it feel?

Thank you very much! We feel great right now. When we first started doing this back in November 2012, we were a small web development agency. The idea of building WordPress themes came to us when we spontaneously came across one via Facebook. Design and front-end development had always been our strong points, and we were looking for a new venue to channel these qualities. ThemeForest seemed like the perfect opportunity to do so, and so we set about exploring the market.

07 Backstage

In those first couple of weeks, our time was split between analyzing the market and building our first theme with QODE framework. We discovered that there were many strong authors on the market. We decided that we weren’t going to run a race with them; rather, we were going to build themes with specific features, and in doing so, put forth our strongest points.

Looking back on our experience in working with clients, we knew how people reacted to certain features. We had offered interactive modules, and even though people loved them, they had generally chosen straight sites which were more in line with their budgets.

08 Backstage

Going from that experience, we decided that we were going to offer straight features with interactive elements as a plus on the side. Our first themes offered parallax as an additional module. At that time, only one-page parallax sites were offered on the market. They also offered the catalogue slider, and most importantly, AJAX transitions, which can optionally be set on pages. This feature is still unique on ThemeForest.

The QODE Bunch

The QODE Bunch

We love hearing about author’s workspaces. Tell us a bit about yours, and introduce the team.

At first we worked out of a small apartment. As our team expanded, we moved into a bigger place. We are currently working in a lovely antique house with modern furniture, high ceilings, and a backyard.

As mentioned, we started off as a small agency, the founders being Darko and Ivan. Our lead designer is Valentin, and our lead developer is Mladen. We are divided among teams: design, development, and support.

And what’s a typical day in the life of QODE like?

This a hard question, because there is no typical day at QODE! Usually though, we start at 9am and finish at 5pm. At the start of the day, the teams make their plans of action, and then we all get down to business.

The Founders

The Founders

It all started with the theme MINIMUM. What have you learnt since then?

When we were working on MINIMUM, we were new in the field and didn’t really know what to expect. We didn’t have high hopes for our first theme being successful. We were just aiming to follow through, knowing that commitment would eventually lead to one of our themes being successful.

Considering that MINIMUM was indeed a success, we had become competitive authors in a relatively short time. Since then, we have learned to have a better feel for market demand and customer needs, and of course, we are still learning.


Various people have told us that many themes on ThemeForest look alike, and a common question is why our themes do so well. We think that this is due to the final touches—paying attention to the last detail, and having a lot of experience to fall back on.

And now, of course, you have Bridge which is such a beautiful clean WP theme. How is designing/developing different now from back when you started?

Our general creative process, going back from our first theme, is to decide on a concept and then follow it through. To be honest, when we were building Bridge, we weren’t aiming for a bestseller by competing with currently popular themes on ThemeForest (even though we secretly hope to see our themes on the weekly list!). The idea for Bridge was to follow contemporary web design trends and trends in design in general, with the goal of bringing something new and fresh to the market.


Since we started, market demand grew and the amount of design and development needed to be done in order to create a competitive theme has increased. It’s interesting that even though our team is expanding, we are still releasing themes at the same rate due to the increased amount of workload our themes require.

Any hot tips? Where does the beginner start?

Our tip is: Don’t run a race where you have a late start from the beginning. Instead, try to introduce something new, which will make others want to run your race.

Lead Designer & Lead Developer

Lead Designer & Lead Developer

What is the next big thing for QODE? Expanding?

Yes, we are always expanding, along with the growing market demand.

In the future, we are aiming to build a truly exceptional support system which will guarantee a very minimum responding time.

What do you do to keep on top of your game?

We do quality recruitment to ensure that every new team member is one of the best in their field. We are able to recognize good qualities in people.



What is your favourite thing to do to unwind?

Many of us here at QODE are soccer fans, so playing a soccer match after work is something we look forward to. Other than that, we occasionally like to go out as a team and stay up until the wee morning hours.

Anything else you’d like to share?

For people who might not know, we are happy to announce that we release two new ready-to-use Bridge demo sites every week.

Developers & Support

Developers & Support

And of course, congratulations on this amazing milestone!

Thank you! We would like to use this opportunity to thank Envato, who enabled us to play our strongest game, which is something we weren’t able to do in our previous ventures. Thanks to them, we were able to put forth our qualities and earn the rewards for our hard work.



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The Top 10 WooCommerce Plugins on CodeCanyon http://notes.envato.com/hot-picks/the-top-10-woocommerce-plugins-on-codecanyon/ http://notes.envato.com/hot-picks/the-top-10-woocommerce-plugins-on-codecanyon/#comments Fri, 27 Jun 2014 04:19:30 +0000 http://notes.envato.com/?p=30509 woocommerce

There’s a lot of love for WordPress around here, and that makes WooCommerce a great way to get into eCommerce. It’s a free plugin that can integrate online sales features right into your existing WordPress site. And you can extend its functionality further with CodeCanyon’s 350+ WooCommerce Plugins. In this article we round up the 10 best-selling plugins right now.

1. Table Rate Shipping for WooCommerce

Table Rate Shipping for WooCommerce

by bolderelements

The WooCommerce Table Rate Shipping plugin works alongside your WooCommerce store by adding a new shipping method directly to your WooCommerce settings. It has the ability to add multiple rates for a given customer based on a variety of conditions, including shipping destination, cart subtotal, item shipping class, price, weight, and more.

2. WooCommerce Amazon Affiliates – WordPress Plugin

WooCommerce Amazon Affiliates - WordPress Plugin

by AA-Team

WooCommerce Amazon Affiliates can bulk import hundred of products from Amazon into your store in just a flash. The latest version can import products in less than one second!

3. Fancy Product Designer – WooCommerce Plugin

Fancy Product Designer - WooCommerce plugin

by radykal

This product designer plugin allows you to add text and images to a product using multiple views (e.g. the front and back of a t-shirt). No coding is required, and configuration is done via a tab in the WooCommerce settings. Customers can retrieve their customized products from the “View Order” page, and share them with others using unique URLs.

4. WooCommerce MailChimp Subscribe – WordPress Plugin

WooCommerce MailChimp Subscribe - WordPress Plugin

by seedprod

The WooCommerce MailChimp Subscribe WordPress plugin displays a newsletter signup checkbox on checkout for WooCommerce integrated with MailChimp. It also includes a MailChimp List Health Dashboard Widget.

5. Social Coupon for WordPress

Social Coupon for WordPress

by TylerQuinn

Social Coupon for WordPress is a WooCommerce extension that adds a social coupon system to your site, allowing users to get instant discounts for sharing your pages. Gain thousands of new fans and followers for your brand, and increase your social media traffic.

6. WooCommerce PDF Invoice

WooCommerce PDF Invoice

by RightPress

WooCommerce PDF Invoice is a professional and feature-rich invoicing extension. It comes with premium support and complies with accounting standards and regulations.

7. WooCommerce E-Commerce Bundle Rate Shipping

WooCommerce E-Commerce Bundle Rate Shipping

by Studio164a

The WooCommerce Bundle Rate Shipping Plugin allows you to provide special bundled shipping rates when a customer purchases multiple items. It’s designed to be flexible, so you can define bundled shipping rates based on the shipping destination, and also add additional layers for each category. For example, if you sell books, you could charge $5 for the first book, $2 for the 2nd, 3rd and 4th books, and nothing for any additional books purchased. Add as many layers as you like.

8. Shipping Details Plugin for WooCommerce

Shipping Details Plugin for WooCommerce

by patsatech

Shipping Details Plugin is a WordPress Plugin which allows WooCommerce users to enter shipment tracking numbers, and display them on the “Track Your Order” and “View Order” pages, and also send them via email when the order is completed.

9. Display Product – Multi-Layout for WooCommerce

Display Product - Multi-Layout for WooCommerce

by sureshopress

This plugin allows you to display your products more flexibly than WooCommerce alone. It provides more than six layouts with unlimited colors, makes it easy to filter products, and has a shortcode generator.

10. WooCommerce Cart Based Shipping

WooCommerce Cart Based Shipping

by bolderelements

Cart Based Shipping allows you to set different shipping rates based on the items a customer has in their cart. There are three calculation methods: by the subtotal price, by the number of items in the cart, and by weight. The plugin works alongside your WooCommerce store by adding a new shipping method directly to your WooCommerce settings.

WooCommerce is an awesome eCommerce platform. Are you using it? Let us know about your favourite plugins in the comments. And if you’re into a different eCommerce platform, make sure you check out our plugin roundups for OpenCart and PrestaShop.

Hungry for more WooCommerce? Check out this collection of awesome WooCommerce Paypal Plugins.

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Exciting News From Marketplaces Support http://notes.envato.com/news/exciting-news-from-marketplaces-support/ http://notes.envato.com/news/exciting-news-from-marketplaces-support/#comments Thu, 19 Jun 2014 01:43:12 +0000 http://notes.envato.com/?p=30412 Exciting News From Marketplaces Support

Hi Everyone!

Envato Marketplace Support has some exciting news. We’re implementing a new Support Centre. Yay! This means we’re changing the system we use to handle all your Marketplace support requests.

The current system that we use is outdated, and in order for us to continue towards our goal of providing an awesome customer experience, we need to upgrade.

We want this transition to be as seamless for you as possible so we’ve been working hard to ensure this happens. There won’t be any change to the actual process that you go through in order to log a Marketplace support request with us, however, you will start to see some aesthetic changes to the way some of our communication looks.

Initially you will notice changes to our “submit a ticket” page. It used to look like this…

Open a Ticket   Envato Support

…but it now looks like this:


We are going live with our shiny new system today (Thursday 19th June AEST). At this stage our Knowledgebase will remain unchanged, but don’t worry, we have plans to move that over too.

You’ll also notice some changes to the way our e-mails are formatted. We still have support requests in our current system, and will keep working through these until they are resolved rather than move existing requests over. So, if you have submitted a request over the past few days and then submit another one now, you’ll probably see some differences in the way they look.

Don’t panic! It’s completely normal! :)

We’re really excited that we’ve been able to implement this initiative and hope that you enjoy your new experience with us. If you have any questions, or notice anything that doesn’t quite look right please don’t hesitate to contact us.


Envato Marketplace Support

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SEO Best Practices for Authors on the Envato Marketplaces http://notes.envato.com/authors/seo-best-practices-for-authors-on-the-envato-marketplaces/ http://notes.envato.com/authors/seo-best-practices-for-authors-on-the-envato-marketplaces/#comments Mon, 16 Jun 2014 04:33:30 +0000 http://notes.envato.com/?p=30014 seo tips

In recent years, SEO has become one of the top priorities of many online businesses. But many people still don’t really understand what it is, and how they can utilize it for their online businesses.

The subtle art of becoming more easily found in a search engine’s results—commonly known as Search Engine Optimization (SEO)—can help you drive a lot of targeted traffic to your item pages. Today I’ll share some tips with you that you can easily implement to drive more visitors to you pages via the various search engines.

Find Keywords that Buyers Actually Search For


The idea behind getting the right keyword is to choose one that:

  1. has decent search volume,
  2. is not too competitive,
  3. and is relevant to your item.

I’m sure you’ve been given this advice before, but today I’ll show you how to go about doing this with some of my favorite tools. Most of these tools are fairly easy to use, and you can easily find lots of tutorials and how-to guides on using them.

Gather Keyword Ideas

You might have noticed that when you type something into a Google search, you’re given some suggestions. These are trending and popular searches.

Here are some tools that can help you to use these suggestions to get keyword ideas:

  • Übersuggest will help you export the suggestions into an Excel file, where you can use Adwords to pull up the search volume for those keywords.
  • Soovle will help you get some keyword ideas by pulling suggestions from various services.
  • Google Trends will let you see keywords that are becoming popular, and try and capitalize on them before everyone tries to rank on them.
  • Keyword Tool helps you generate over 750 keywords from Google autocomplete.

google trends over time

  • You can also look at the related search suggestions from Google for inspiration.


Gather Keyword Data

Once you have a list of keywords, you need to gather some data on how many people search for them. Google Keyword Planner is my go to tool to gather this data. You will need an AdWords account to use it. Alternatives include WordStream and Wordtracker.

Identify Keyword Difficulty

Use something like the Moz Keyword Difficulty Tool to identity the level of difficultly for your chosen keywords. One advantage you authors have, is that your item pages are on Envato-owned Marketplaces, with high domain authority. This means you’ll be able to rank relatively easily for highly competitive keywords.

Optimize Your Item’s Title and Content


Optimize Your Title

Your item’s title is one of the most important factors for SEO. It appears as the h1 title on your item page, and is also used in the title tag in the head.

Google cuts off the title after a certain width, so don’t make it too long. Roughly 50-55 characters should be fine. If a title is too long, Google will generate a title for the page based on other signals.

That being said, don’t be afraid to go over the limit if you need to in order to have a meaningful title. For example, if you were to create an Unbounce Template to be used as a medical/pharmaceutical landing page, and decide to use a technical medical term like Pneumonoultramicroscopicsilicovolcanoconiosis in the title, then by all means feel free to name it “Pneumonoultramicroscopicsilicovolcanoconiosis Unbounce Pharmaceutical Template”.

Some key pointers to remember when you choosing a title:

  • Use a title that gives buyers a clear idea of what to expect when they visit your item page.
  • Try to use your main keywords in the title.
  • Keep your title within the 100 character limit we have on the Marketplaces.

For example, for a WordPress theme that uses Parallax scrolling and is targeted at musicians, you could use the title “Abcd Parallax WordPress Theme for Musicians”.

Optimize Your Content

Include generous amounts of text on your item page, instead of using images for the entire description. Google focuses on text to understand what a page is about and match it to a search query. To get a rough idea of what Google sees, try plugging your item’s URL into browseo.

Note: I’m not asking you not to add images. When I browse through the Marketplaces for an item, I usually look at the images to get an idea of what it offers and its features. Just make sure you optimize them (see below), and add relevant text as well.

The first 150-160 characters will likely be used in the meta description in search results. This is a great place to highlight some key features of your item. Keywords here will not affect your ranking, but could improve your click through rate (CTR) because your description will be more relevant and appealing. Mention things like free support and free lifetime updates.

meta description

Use h2 and h3 subtitles to highlight secondary keywords and key selling points for your item. I often use these to target long tail keyphrases and keyword variations. A good example is the Parallax WordPress Themes collection, where I target long tail key phrases like “Multi Directional Parallax Effect“.

Make it a habit to cross link your related items. Having internal links to relevant items will allow the SEO juice to flow between your inter-connected pages. This also helps buyers to check out some of your other interesting items.


Google loves unique content, so use unique item descriptions for your pages. This will give you a better chance at ranking above pages that tend to reuse content on all their item pages.

Optimize Your Images

Page speed has been a ranking factor for some time now. You can use Google PageSpeed or Pingdom to see how fast your item pages load.

Images on your item pages play a significant role in your page speed, so it’s in your best interest to make sure you don’t bloat the page with unoptimized images. I tend to use Kraken to optimize images. One of our front-end developer, Ben Smithett, has put together an excellent post on image optimization, which should give you more info and tools to work with.

Always add an alt tag, so that Google can understand what the image is about.

Obtain Quality Backlinks to Your Items


Showcase Your Work

Designers often add their creations on sites like Dribbble or Behance for critique from fellow designers. Some of our authors use these sites to drive targeted visitors to their item pages.

If you have created an exceptional design, sites like Awwwards might feature you work, if you get in touch with them. A good example for this would be the special mention they gave Time Travel.

Perform Competitor Analysis

One of the my favorite ways to get backlinks is to look at where the competition get theirs from. I usually use Open Site Explorer, add the competitor’s link, and look at the incoming external links to that page which pass link equity. Since these folk have linked to my competitor, chances are I can get a link from them to my page as well.

link data

Make Use of Social Signals

While Google claims that social signals are not a ranking factor, multiple independent studies have shown correlation between social signals and ranking, while others claim they have no impact. Even if there is no impact on ranking, social media sites can certainly send a healthy amount of traffic to your item pages.

Here are some great articles that will help you share more effectively on social media:


I hope you’ve found this guide useful. If you do, you might also like my other post on making your items more SEO friendly. Feel free to reach out to me via Twitter or in the comments below if you have any questions.

Do you have more tips on how to send more organic traffic to your item pages on the Envato Marketplaces? Share your insights in the comments below.

Image credits: Keyword by gunnar3000, Content by diephay, Backlinks by diephay.

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Envato Live Chicago Wrapup http://notes.envato.com/community/envato-live-chicago-wrapup/ http://notes.envato.com/community/envato-live-chicago-wrapup/#comments Fri, 13 Jun 2014 00:14:49 +0000 http://notes.envato.com/?p=30327 Envato Live

I’ve been decompressing this week after a whirlwind tour of the windy city. We kicked off our first ever Envato Live event in Chicago and we all had such an amazing time! Here are some of the highlights

Help Anyone

You always wonder when you’re kicking off something new if it’s actually going to work. Being that this was our first Envato Live event with a schedule and set up much different than our usual meetups, we we’re certainly wondering if we would get it right. I must say, everyone was pretty pumped with how it turned out.

I was able to man the front desk with Jane as the event started at 10:00 and we were super excited to see everyone raring to go. One author from Romania (CurlyThemes) beat everyone there and was the first to show up. I guess the locals had further to travel. :)


We’re very excited with the turn out and the great variety of authors and buyers from across the Marketplaces. At 10:30 we were ready to start the show!

Share My Knowledge

Collis kicked things off with his patented high energy video welcome. This set the tone for the energetic day we had planned. While I was still covering the sign in sheet, Selina was running an ice breaker event that involved marshmallows, string and a whole bunch of spaghetti. I’m not sure what was exactly going down, but it sounded like everyone was having a good time. :)


Attendees then had an opportunity to share their experiences and knowledge and work on whatever projects they liked. There was a buzz in the room as people meet each other and talked. Whether it was sharing a project idea, looking to make new connections or giving feedback to the Envato staff, everyone seemed to be getting something valuable from the event.


Help Community Members Succeed

The afternoon started with break out sessions to listen to our Elite authors present some of their experiences and tips with how they’ve become successful on the Marketplaces. Whether it was work/life lessons like “buy a good chair but a cheap sofa” or motivational encouragement like “get dat money”, the authors were able to provide some great knowledge on how to get the most out of the Marketplaces as well as how to avoid some of the pitfalls when starting out.


Thanks so much to Designcrumbs, theMolitor, Parallelus and Astoundify for doing presentations for us. You guys are superstars.

If you’d like to see the presentations, head over to Inside Envato.

In fact, everyone who showed up was a superstar. We had so much fun getting to meet everyone and really highlighted to us what a great global community we’ve been building here. We so look forward to holding another Envato Live event when we can. We’ll be sure to tell you all about it. :)


For more photos of the event, check out our Facebook album.

And here here’s a video we where we asked attendees how they stay productive.

Thanks so much for coming everyone! Till next time. :D

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Update to the Statement Page http://notes.envato.com/news/update_to_the_statement_page/ http://notes.envato.com/news/update_to_the_statement_page/#comments Thu, 12 Jun 2014 00:00:06 +0000 http://notes.envato.com/?p=30276

As a result of some significant reengineering of how statement transactions are modelled behind the scenes, we’re very pleased to announce yet another lovely Marketplace update. Please take a moment to learn a bit more about our freshly revamped My Statement page!

Your statement is a list of all transactions and any activity that has altered your account balance. It contains information on all your sales, purchases, deposits, withdrawals, changes to exclusivity, referral program earnings and reversals. – Envato Knowledgebase

And so, here’s a brief overview of the main features we’ve added in order to improve the clarity and accessibility of all your statement activity. Ready?

    Light Search

When accessing the new Statement page, you will first be presented with a Light Search tab consisting of five handy predefined date filters to promptly choose from, as shown below. But don’t worry, that’s not all!

The options are:

  • Last 30 Days
  • Current Month (Jun 2014)
  • Last Month (May 2014)
  • 2 Months Ago (Apr 2014)
  • 3 Months Ago (Mar 2014)

    Advanced Search

Oh yes, here we go! By clicking the ‘+’ icon, an Advanced Search tab will be enabled, giving you the ability to filter by Range or Period, and furthermore, by Transaction Type and Marketplace.


Much like the date filters from the Light Search, here you will find a few more quick options. Hoorah!

  • Today
  • Yesterday
  • This Week
  • Last Week
  • Last 7 Days
  • Last 30 Days
  • Last 60 Days
  • Last 90 Day
  • This Year
  • Last Year


Or, you can also obtain results for a specific period, by simply choosing the desired start/end dates, from an intuitive drop-down calendar. Awesome!

Please note: Transactions are based in Melbourne, Australia, local time.

After choosing either Range or Period, it’s now time to take advantage of the complementary filters, to personalize your statement data results even more!

    Transaction Type

Here, you’ll be able to sort by transaction type. To prevent confusion and make things simple, available options will automatically reflect activities related to your account. In other words, options can/will vary depending on whether you’re an author, buyer, and/or both. Marvelous!


This one is pretty straight forward, but can be extremely helpful!

  • All Marketplaces
  • 3DOcean
  • ActiveDen
  • AudioJungle
  • CodeCanyon
  • GraphicRiver
  • PhotoDune
  • ThemeForest
  • Tuts+ Marketplace
  • VideoHive

    Statement Download

The option to Download your statement in CVS format remains the same, however, you can now download different/multiple statements, according to each search criteria. Quite nifty!

    Last But Not Least

Visuals! You’ve probably already noticed the marketplace logos in the statement page. Such visual guides are great time-savers for authors and buyers alike, and of course, they do look absolutely fantastic! Well done!

If you have any additional questions, suggestions, or general feedback regarding this update, please don’t hesitate to let us know. Thanks again and enjoy!

—— UPDATE: Some Chrome Extensions and Extras Will Need Updating

Over on the forums a couple of users have flagged that Envastats and other similar community-made Chrome extensions and extras will need an update to work with the new statements page. We put in extra effort to make sure the API wouldn’t break during this major upgrade. It’s much harder to avoid breaking scripts that rely on scraping pages, and to be honest I forgot to warn the team working on the statements page that they even exist and should be considered!! *ceo fail*

Apologies both to our talented extension makers, and also to community members who rely on these little tools for updates, graphs, notifications and other awesomeness. We’re looking to send notice to any extension makers we have contact details for, so hopefully they won’t stay broken for too long!


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Anatomy of a 404 Error Page: Get Your Inspiration from the Best 404 Pages http://notes.envato.com/inspirations/anatomy-of-a-404-error-page-get-your-inspiration-from-the-best-404-pages/ http://notes.envato.com/inspirations/anatomy-of-a-404-error-page-get-your-inspiration-from-the-best-404-pages/#comments Fri, 06 Jun 2014 02:06:41 +0000 http://notes.envato.com/?p=29328 404 Templates

When creating a website, one of the pages that often gets neglected is the 404 page. If you think about it, each 404 page visit is like a lost opportunity. Someone is looking for something on your site, and you’re not able to serve it up. So you give them a 404, page telling them the requested information was not found on your website.

404 quote

As a brand, you can use a custom 404 error page to make a memorable impression on your visitor, as mentioned by Renny Gleeson in his TED Talk “404, the story of a page not found.” You can use a cleverly crafted 404 page to keep the visitor on your site, and guide them to a resource that will help them find more information on what they were looking for.

What is a 404 Page?

Before we dive in, it is important for us to understand exactly what these 404 pages are. 404 is one of the Client Error HTTP Status Codes returned by the server, to indicate that the requested page was not found. Some of the common causes are:

  • the visitor clicked on a broken link
  • the visitor mistyped a URL
  • the page has been deleted or was moved to a new location (without proper redirects).

You can refer to this excellent Moz article on HTTP Status Codes or have a look through Wikipedia for more information.

Anatomy of a Good 404 Page

Having a creative and funny 404 can certainly grab the attention of your users, but from a functionality point of view it might not be a great 404 page design. There are some fundamental things that should go on any good 404 page:

  • Why the 404 page is being shown.
  • What the user can do next. Here are somethings to consider:

    • Provide an easy way to go to the home page.
    • Show some popular/related items your visitors might be interested in.
    • Give them the ability to search for what they want.
    • Make it easy for them to report an issue.
  • Leave a lasting impression.
  • Stick to your overall brand and design guidelines.
  • Header response should be a 404.
  • Consider making the 404 page context-sensitive.

Here’s an example of context-sensitive 404s. On an e-commerce store, if someone tries to access a page for an item you no longer carry, the 404 page could show related products from the same category. Or if your visitor gets lost while browsing through the categories, you could show trending categories and contact information.

Animated/Interactive 404 Pages

In this section, we’ll look at some interactive and animated 404 pages. The users can interact with some of them, and others have a subtle animation that makes them special. Click on the “404″ links below to visit the sites’ 404 pages.

Hugo Bonacci >>>> 404

Want to see a vortex pull everything in on a page? Well, this 404 page by Hugo Bonacci does all that using CSS. All the important links are clickable, so users can navigate to the home page or other areas easily.


HotDot >>>> 404

You can move around this page to see the 404 from different angles, giving it a cool 3D effect. Have you tried clicking on the 404?


FlippingBook >>>> 404

This site gives the option to play a mini-game when you land on a 404. This entices their customers to visit some of the core pages—like the Home page, About Us and Features page—to unlock the treasure chest, which gives you 25% off their product.

Personally, I’m in love with this idea. Not only is it a cool landing page, but it serves the goal of getting people to use their product. If I were to try to improve on this, I would probably have a lading page that serves the all the important content in one page, and the treasure chest would be activated as the customer scrolls down that page.


Virgin Holidays Cruises >>>> 404

When you hit a 404 on this cruise booking site, you are shown an animated image of someone on a beach (who might be stranded, or perhaps just relaxing), with the caption, “Uh Oh! Looks like you’re stranded…” Then you’re presented with the option to search for and book a cruise. A nice 404 design that offers good functionality to stranded visitors.


Daniel Karcher >>>> 404

This Flash animation shows you a subway with some posters to indicate that you are lost. The ticker board also acts as the navigation menu.

bluedaniel 404

Hatched London >>>> 404

This site will make you jump off a building once you hit their 404 page. Personally I felt that the animation could be a bit slower.

hatchedlondon 404

Dailymotion Cloud >>>> 404

This 404 page shows you a sign board on a dark rainy day, that suggests you’re on a 404 page, and then it automatically redirect to the homepage.

dmcloud 404

Bitly >>>> 404

The 404 page on Bitly features their mascot, Chauncey McPufferson.


Imgur >>>> 404

A simple 404 page with cats and a giraffe with a monocle staring at the cursor.

imgur 404

Romain Brasier >>>> 404

If you stay on the page, you will sacrifice 404 lemmings. Try to save them if you can. Towards the end, the site will tell you how many you managed to save, and warns you to stay away from the 404 page to prevent a future massacre.

romainbrasier 404

Funny 404 Pages

The following 404 pages makes use a funny image or animation to captivate the user’s attention. The best use of this technique is when the image directly relates to you product or brand.

NDP Canada >>>> 404

NDP (New Democratic Party) Canada has an amusing 404 page. When a visitor lands on a page they are shown an image that says “Ottawa’s Broken. And so is this Link.”

This is funny because, from what I understand, they are not the ruling party, and are saying Ottawa (the capital of Canada) is broken because someone else is in power. Shifting blame might not be that classy, but I had a good laugh, so it’s going up here.

ndp 404

Specialized >>>> 404

This bike equipment store uses an image with a lone cyclist who fell off his bike in what looks like a professional race, and is captioned “Oops! Looks like we lost one.” While I can sympathise with the bloke that went tumbling down, this image fits perfectly with the brand, and will relate well with their audience.


Titleist >>>> 404

This golf website makes use an image where people are looking for a lost golf ball, and also points their users to other interesting sections on the site.

titleist 404

Distilled >>>> 404

Here’s a web development plus SEO agency based in London. They use sophisticated British humor with monocles, pipes and Monopoly moustaches to tell visitors they have landed on a 404 page.


Magnt >>>> 404

A simple Venn diagram that tells you why you landed on the 404 page.

magnt 404

National Public Radio >>>> 404

These guys have a very good 404 page. It informs users that they couldn’t locate what they were trying to find, and gives them the option to search for it or go to other relevant areas.

They they link out to interesting stories about lost people, places and things that still haven’t turned up—stories on Amelia Earhart, 18 1/2 minutes of Watergate tapes, etc.

npr 404

IGN >>>> 404

IGN is a popular site for gamers, and they have made use of the classic Mario phrase, “Thank you Mario, but our princess is in another castle!” to inform their visitors they have landed on a 404 page.

ign 404

4D Data Centres >>>> 404

This page uses HTTP status codes to convey the message to their visitors. While this may not be considered to a very helpful 404 page for average users, I can certainly appreciate the extra effort they put in to making a rather unique 404 page.

If you replace the HTTP status codes, the page would read:

This page is Gone! You’ve officially made an Unauthorized Bad Request and you are Forbidden to view this page.

To Continue you may have to Reset Content, or settle for Partial Content by clicking the link above.

P.S. I know this is Not Acceptable but I’m a teapot.


Creation Museum >>>> 404

An image to challenge the theory of evolution is just want you would expect from Creation Museum.

creationmuseum 404

IMDB >>>> 404

This site shows you a somewhat related random quote from a movie when you land on a 404 page.

imdb 404

Video on 404 Pages

Nosh >>>> 404

These guys have an awesome 404 page, where they send in hired guns to hunt down the missing page. Check out all the action in the video on their 404 page, and read all about how it was all done on blog post by iso50.com.


So there you have it—a curated list of inspiring 404 pages. I’m sure there are many more examples out there, and if you’ve come across some cool 404 pages, please to let us know via the comments below.

If you need a 404 page template or web elements for your 404 pages, take a look at our collection where you can find creative 404 templates to customize to suit your needs. Here are a few handpicked ones to get you started.

Bara Broken Wordsearch


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