Presentation at Dev Ops Melbourne March 2011

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Mar 23

On Tuesday March 22nd I presented at Dev Ops Melbourne on how we handle our infrastructure and deployments without an ops team. I think around 80 developers and ops guys (or sysadmins if you’re old fashioned in your terminology) attended.

I think the talk was pretty well received, but the main value for me was actually having to think hard about how we, the dev team, approach our work and put it into writing. The big thing I realised is that a lot of our flexibility in how we work comes from the strength of our relationship with the community. All the feedback we receive on the forums and helpful bug reports feed back into the dev team and help us get better.

Anyway, while the talk wasn’t recorded, there’s a copy of the slides just below for your reading pleasure.

  1. Japh on the 23rd March

    Fantastic! Wish I could’ve heard the talk.

    Thanks heaps for making the slides available, John :)

  2. kailoon on the 7th April

    I wish I can hear that live :) Thanks for the sharing!

  3. Steve Robillard on the 8th April

    I would love to hear the talk that goes with these slides – especially since I am essentially a one man show.

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