Win a Copy of Spoids for Xbox

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Apr 20

Are you an Xbox gamer? Love free stuff? Here’s your chance to win a copy of the Envato-marketplace-loving game Spoids.

Last week we let you know that the game uses a bunch of marketplace items. Well, they’ve taken their Envato support a step further, and have given us three copies of the game to give away. Thanks Spoids team!

About the Spoids Game

Spoids is an awesome planet defense game for Xbox. Here is a description and trailer of the game:

The Spoids have invaded the planetary spectrum. We have received distress calls from the surrounding planets in our galaxy. Control the defense systems as you lead the front against an endless swarm of Spoids. In this epic and unique defense game, travel from planet to planet, fending off the Spoids as long as you can.

How to Win

Winning is easy. Just leave a comment below telling us why you want the game.

Three winners will be chosen at random.

This giveaway is open worldwide, but make sure to get your comment in before midnight, Sunday April 29th, 2012, AEST.

Rules and Conditions

  • To enter, carefully read the instructions above.
  • You may only enter once. Duplicate entries will be disqualified.
  • Envato staff and people who have written more than two tutorials/articles for an Envato site (not including Envato Notes) are not eligible to enter.
  • Make sure you use a valid email address when you comment so you can be contacted. Email addresses will not be made public.
  • Entries will be accepted until Sunday April 29th 2012, midnight AEST.

This competition is sponsored by the creators of Spoids.


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  1. Justin on the 20th April

    The name itself is reason enough to want this game.

  2. Kenaudio on the 20th April

    Hi there,

    I am still an ambitious Xbox Gamer. This weekend there will be some friends coming to my place to play Xbox. I suppose that’s a fantastic reason to apply for this competition:)!


  3. Martin on the 20th April

    Personally I don’t play games and have no Xbox, but a friend of mine is nuts about it:-) so I would love to suprise him with it.

  4. Milan on the 20th April

    This game looks great.

  5. Jake on the 20th April

    Looks awesome. I’d love to win!

    I even said in my interview that I play too much XBOX!

  6. lawrence77 on the 20th April

    I don’t have a xbox :( :’(

  7. Matt on the 21st April

    Are you kidding? This is a modern game that looks to take me straight back to the classic videogames of my youth! How do I _not_ want this?

  8. Carlos A on the 21st April

    I love videogames, and with this type of game (Tower Defense) I can spent a lot of time thinking in new nd better ways to resolve a situation, love games it helps me to have a nice tiem and remenber old days.

  9. Peter sawyer on the 21st April

    Looks like a blast…….

    • Peter sawyer on the 21st April

      Just read terms properly. Don’t enter me, as I contribute to phototuts regularly.

  10. Zaertix on the 22nd April

    I’m a gaming reviewer, with a new youtube channel and I’m always looking to get new content to review. I would LOVE a chance to review this game and I would give props to you guys for giving me the copy :)

  11. dizaynkoloni on the 22nd April

    i have a PS3 but i need Xbox Too

  12. Joshua Maddox on the 23rd April

    I think I should get this game as I don’t think there is anyone better for the job of saving planets than myself. Why? Because I am a seasoned professional at defending places from the likes of an alien menace, mutated creatures and zombie uprisings.

    Give this game to me and trust me I’ll keep the world safe!

  13. fatih on the 23rd April

    Hi there,

    i wanna learn XBox game programming.

    Thank you for this competition.

  14. Jehu Paulin on the 23rd April

    Pick me! The game art looks awesome!

  15. Tarun on the 24th April

    My friend is damn serious for gaming… he love to play a next generation game.

  16. MoniqueHasana on the 25th April

    I just got my first box ever and have no games. I would lov eto have this game to get my addiction going. Thanks for the giveaway

  17. Eric on the 26th April

    why? well, my wife will shoot me if i buy another game anytime soon. but she can’t argue with free!

  18. fresh02_88 on the 26th April

    Because its free and you cant beat that price!

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