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Jan 17

This has to be the closest you can get to working in a mancave. It’s the workspace of ActiveDen/AudioJungle/GraphicRiver/3DOcean author Kontramax. The soundproofing material he has used has turned his wall into a cave wall.

This room contains something to inspire just about every type of artist. He has musical instruments, a great keyboard, a small mixer, nice monitor speakers and a bass amp. There are several computers with more than enough monitors, and a fantastic graphics tablet. There are knick-knacks galore, and even a small telescope. And the vibe of the room is fantastic. I wonder if he ever leaves?

Here’s a wider shot. That wall looks great, the light shades match, and it looks like there is plenty of cool stuff under the desk, too.

A serious and versatile bass player!

And even the views out of his window are inspiring. Out of one window there is a river, fountain and rainbow, and out of the other a nice sunrise (or sunset).

What do you think of Kontramax’s workspace? Let us know in the comments.

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  1. Saima Ali on the 17th January


    How I wish I had a workspace like that…!!! Wow.. where does Kontramax live?

    • Kontramax on the 17th January

      Hi, he live almost in center of europe.. he prefer not to clarify

  2. Kontramax on the 17th January

    Adrian Try, big thanx for putting me here and for writing this text, usually its problem for me! I will happy to answer any your questions about my toys here if somebody have. btw cave wall and table is diy… 8)

    • Adrian Try on the 17th January

      You’re welcome, Kontramax. Thanks for sharing your photos. Your workspace is amazing!

  3. Quadraphonix Association on the 17th January

    Yeah, looks awesome! And the doublebass…really cool!

    Bassy greetings,


    • Kontramax on the 17th January

      Thanx, Ulf
      Yeah, doublebass + Shadow SH 950 pickup

  4. Scott on the 17th January

    Such a great looking workspace, love the cave wall! I like how your workspace is as creative as the work you produce. Thanks for sharing your photos, Kontramax! :-)

    • Kontramax on the 17th January

      thanks Scott! I just want to split computer and music zones. This cave is only four years old, not mesozoic era :)

  5. Quickandeasy on the 17th January

    Duuuuuuude that is AWESOME!!!!!!

    • Kontramax on the 17th January

      Thanx, Quickandeasy!

  6. Wais on the 19th January

    Damn it man im jalouse!!!

    • Kontramax on the 23rd January

      hope this is compliment.. )))

  7. Connor Turnbull on the 29th January

    I love this.

    • Kontramax on the 30th January

      Thanx, Connor! Me too!

  8. Ibby on the 6th February

    I see that Cuban flag! You like music from Cuba?

    Impressive workspace by the way. Cheers!

    • Kontramax on the 6th February

      thanx, Ibby, this is bag from cuba flag. yes I like cuba music and also many others too

  9. Will on the 23rd February

    Flippin cool Kontromax! What did you use for the cave wall?

    • Kontramax on the 24th February

      …see my comment below

  10. Kontramax on the 24th February

    Will, with googletranslator I try to explain)) There 3 sacks with ordinary building gypsum-based plaster (stucco). Stirred with water until a dense consistency and inflicted with various sized spatulas. Then paint with sponge in several layers – the bottom is darker, the upper lighter. This is not seen on the photos, but there is 5 shades of colors in a whole.

  11. Viataliy on the 14th May

    Very nice to see that lives in Minsk, a talented man.

    • Kontramax on the 15th May

      so sad you dont read my first comment here, I disappointed, vitalik, a man with long tongue.

  12. Caesar on the 26th October

    It would be interesting to meet with you:)

    • Kontramax on the 27th October

      You can find me in skype, text chat only.

  13. SimplyOnline on the 27th October

    I’d certainly like to try to work there for a few days. However I prefer large wooden tables for some co-working :)

  14. Kontramax on the 27th October

    Hey, recently my music park expanded with this supercute toy:

  15. Ant Ekşiler on the 26th November

    That is some awesome work space.

    • Kontramax on the 26th November

      Thank you very much!

  16. Flora Layla Edwards on the 25th January

    Simply done, The small round , over and over ,like it well done . Thanks . Flora

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