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Jan 25


This is our most different workspace yet. It’s actually feminine! It is the workspace of VideoHive author Azmara.

She sums up her workspace well:

My sweet workspace in a corner of my bedroom! Looks different from others coz I’m a little woman. :) Nothing special. No tablet, no Mac, no high spec computer. Just a white screen, white mouse, white keyboard, and white case! Basic CPU – Core2Duo with 4 GB of RAM.

My favorite pop-up book is always on my printer. I’m happy to spend time sitting in my pink chair and creating Aftereffects projects. What do you think about my workspace? :)

Don’t forget to visit my portfolio: videohive.net/user/Azmara.

Here are a couple more photos:



Even her pink task bar and grey theme match the decor! What do you think of Azmara’s workspace?

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  1. JimboXiii on the 25th January

    wow….just…. wow. I imagine if my Grandmother used a computer, it would look something like this.

  2. Azmara on the 25th January

    Ha haaa
    It’s seem to be too vintage
    I’m just 23 years old :)

  3. Adnan Zulkarnain on the 25th January

    looks very sweet :)

  4. VMCA on the 25th January

    Wow. Never thought I’d ever see a featured workspace like this.

    For the record, I’m also a girl…and my workspace is all kinds of Sci-Fi-esque awesome. Without any floral or frill of ANY kind.

    Just sayin’.

    Nice to see the flip side of the coin though!

  5. Alexander Filatov on the 25th January

    Wow, Azmara! It looks gorgeous! I hate that I can’t do something cool with my workspace… But as soon as I settle in Stockholm I’m so pimping it! :)

  6. chatchawan on the 25th January

    Wow, very sweet!! Pretty workspace!!

  7. Subsonic Design on the 25th January

    That’s the most original workspace I’ve seen for a while! :D

  8. Candice on the 25th January

    This is so cute and full of personality. You really get a sense of who you are :) looks very cosy.

  9. VF on the 25th January

    Very nice! :) The only odd thing is cpu on table in such a decorated place!

  10. ricosushi on the 25th January


    Its very original.

    Love it!

  11. Thinesh P // TPN on the 26th January

    I’m speechless!

  12. Vaynah on the 26th January

    This looks amazing .. I wouldnt mind working there hehe

  13. Kate on the 27th January

    I’m a girl, and this frightens me a fair bit. I like cutesy stuff, but I would feel so… Weird… About this setup.

    But yes, it’s good to see a non-dark setup!

  14. Pink kills on the 29th January

    All the pink makes my eyes hurt.

  15. ricosushi on the 31st January

    Does anyone know why my pics are not included in the public list for the envatoworkspaces at flicker.

    Here are the pics


    • Adrian Try on the 1st February

      Hi Ricosushi. I recently learned from some other editors who use Flickr that sometimes photos don’t show up when searching for a tag. I have no idea why, but we’ll feature your workspace real soon.

  16. JackStriker on the 3rd June

    Ah, nice workspace. :)

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