Featured Profile Image: Gembell and 4 more

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Aug 27

There are almost as many approaches to creating a profile image as there are authors. Some focus on showcasing artistic skills, others prioritize with slogans and company information. Some show their personal photo, while others display abstract forms. This one belongs to Gembell.  Check below for four more! Which is your favorite, and why?

Sapturang. Colorful and inspiring. The little logos look like butterflies.

revaxarts. A nice businesslike texture. I love the logo colors along the top.

aaronmcguire. Also very businesslike and professional. I love the offer of freelance work in the corner. That will save someone an email!

And this last one is mine. This is where I worked each Saturday morning when I started to write for the AudioJungle blog way back in 2008. Nice office!


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  1. Justin on the 28th August

    I’d have to go with the one with the rainbow and logos

  2. Taufan E on the 30th August

    I like aaronmcguire profil image.

  3. Dannie Herdyawan on the 30th August

    Thanks all . . .

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